Friday, December 1, 2017

The London Trip November 2017

London around Christmas is the best place on earth. The entire city is covered in lights, decorations and Christmas joy and even if you hate Christmas it's hard not to fall in love with that particular holiday.

I have visited London quite a few times this year, so it's no surprise that I had to pay a visit around the festive season. I was with family so I didn't go as Instagram crazy as I normally do, but I still managed to take a few pics.

We started off our short trip at Daisy Green. A quirky cafe behind Oxford Street where your brunch dreams come true. I love the interior with the flowers on the ceiling and the hippy vibe. I went for the coconut bread, which I had last time, and it was as good as I remembered. They also have charcoal bread, which can be very interesting, but overall I love this hidden gem. 
When our tummies were full we headed off to do some shopping, and I have to say it wasn't as successful. Normally I find the cutest things and this time I just couldn’t find anything I fancied. Considering it was Black Friday as well it was a bit of a let-down, but on the positive side: it saved me a lot of money!
After the not so successful shopping trip it was time for a bit of chill time at the hotel, which was a few blocks away from Marble Arch station. We headed out in the evening to get food, but that's when Oxford Street was closed off due to the attack that was going on at Oxford Street station. At that point we had no idea that there wasn't really an attack, so we quickly went to Paperchase and shopped there for a bit. It was a scary experience though, mainly because out of nowhere so many people came running in our direction. It makes you think there is this crazy person out there with a gun that is following them. We ended up buying a few bits at the local supermarket and headed back to our hotel to watch the news. I was happy to find out that nothing had actually happened, but it also made me think, because I was there an hour before it happened. What if I took a bit longer with my shopping? Then I would’ve been there. So scary when I think about it.

The next day we visited Notting Hill and Kensington for some shopping and soaking up the London vibes. Again I didn't buy anything, which came as a shock to everyone. Not even at Camden Market where we went to the Poppie Jasper stand to buy jewellery. I already have half of their ring collection, so I wasn't in need of any rings. After visiting Camden we went to Covent Garden, which is one of my favourite places around Christmas time. I love the big Christmas tree and decorations around there. Of course we also had to go to Winter Wonderland, so that's what we did in the evening. If I lived in London I would probably be there every week, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying all the rides and snacks. We ended the night in a Dutch bar in Soho. We stumbled upon it and randomly decided to go in. It wasn't as cringe as normal Dutch bars go, it was actually quite classy. We had a few drinks and then headed back to the hotel for a good night sleep.

On our last day we had breakfast at Patisserie Valerie -I had the pancakes- and I met up with a friend of mine. We drank glitter pastel lattes at Fiorucci by Palm Vaults. They definitely look better than how they taste, but I always wondered what they would be like and now I know. After we both went our own ways I went to M&S to stock up on British food. I think I ended up buying more mince pies, ginger snaps and salt & vinegar crisps than make-up and clothes haha.

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to the magical, festive city and head back to Amsterdam. I ate my last Pret a Manger sandwich and stocked up on my favourite Toblerone chocolate at Gatwick airport -I'm nibbling on a piece as we speak-.
I am happy to have seen London around this time of the year and it has definitely put me in a more festive mood. Also, I'm doing #blogmas in December. I know I have been a bit crap at posting regularly, but if the last month of the year isn't the right time to get my shit together than I don't know what is. Strap yourself in for lots of content each day!

What is your favourite city around Christmas time?

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