Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Holiday Lipstick Haul

A couple of weeks ago I was on holiday in Bodrum with my friend Hester. Besides soaking up some vitamin sea we also went shopping in the city. I didn't buy a lot, mainly because I didn't need anything, but when I walked past a Turkish drugstore you know I can't contain myself. They had lots of products that I can get in the Netherlands too, but when my eyes fell on the Wet 'n Wild counter I went a bit crazy. 
This has resulted in three Wet 'n Wild lipsticks and one Golden Rose liquid lipstick. The girls that worked there probably thought I was a bit cray cray, because why do you need four lip products? That is indeed a very good question that I can't really answer. I just love lipsticks!

Ever since the Kylie Jenner lip kit hype I want to try liquid lipsticks. I really like this red one from Golden Rose in the colour 09 and I immediately wore it the same day when we went out for dinner. I will write a full review and put it up on the blog but all I can say for now is that the pigmentation is very good. After a while it does crumble a bit which I am not the biggest fan of. I must wear it multiple times to make up my mind about it though. 

The three Wet 'n Wild lipsticks I picked up are: 'Cinnamon Spice', 'Cherry Bomb' and 'In The Flesh' (on the photo from left to right). The fact that I own many red lipsticks didn't make me change my mind about picking up some more. I love the burgundy tone of 'Cinnamon Spice' a lot. I actually couldn't swatch them in the store so I had to guess what the colours would look like and I think I picked the most perfect shades. I haven't tried them yet, but a review will be up soon!

Have you tried anything from Golden Rose or Wet n' Wild?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rituals Sakura Scrub

When the sun starts to shine I immediately want to get my legs out. This is usually the time that I discover that my legs aren't summer ready. The sun hardly shines here anyways -if you love rainy days you should really move to Holland- so when it does, you will see me wearing my off-the-shoulder Zara dress. Cause when do I otherwise get to wear it?

One major product that helps me to create the softest skin is this Rituals Sakura Scrub. I have been a fan of Rituals for years and especially this scent makes me extremely happy. If you've seen my b-day haul you know that it was a gift and it's really come in handy the last couple of weeks.
It's a sugar scrub and the scent is aaamazing. It's a mixture of rice milk and cherry blossom. I know this explanation doesn't do its justice so my advice would be to go to one of their stores and smell it yourself. A bit tricky too, because it’s hard not to buy something with all those lovely scents surrounding you.

I always make my skin a bit damp before I scrub my legs. I find that it's less harsh and way easier this way. I really try to massage it into my skin and after a minute or so I rinse it off with lukewarm water. The scrub leaves an oily layer on the skin but don't be afraid of this, it actually feels quite nice and makes my legs super soft. After the scrub I like to apply a generous amount of my MoltonBrown Vintage 2015 body lotion and then I am good to go. Ready to put on my best summer outfit and soak up all the vitamin D!

Do you know Rituals? What is your favourite product of theirs?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Holiday Outfits

Whilst I was away on holiday enjoying the sunshine I also had to film a few bits and pieces for a video. The lovely scenery and summery outfits were just too good to not film them. My friend Hester and I filmed at our hotel and also in Kos. We were there for one day and besides us being sea sick we made most out of our day there.

Editing this video really gave me the holiday feels again. And I get really happy thinking about all the great memories we made. I hope you enjoy it too! Ooh and don't forget to subscribe!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

When Kim K. started to contour her face I was obsessed with it. I don’t do it as dramatic as she does, but a bit of highlighting and shaping never hurt no one. 
As you can see in this beauty haul I picked up the perfect palette to create a contoured face: the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. I already own many face shaping kits, but this one gives me the Anastasia Beverly Hills vibes and you must know that's on top of my wish list.

In this kit you will find four highlight shades and four contouring shades. From left to right:
01 - Ice Queen (shimmer)
02 - Soft Light (matte)
03 - Cream (matte)
04 - Nectar (light shimmer)
05 - Tan
06 - Toffee
07 - Sculpt
08 - Hollow

It's basically everything you need for a contoured face in one kit. You can bronze the face with 'Tan' and also give the cheeks a bit more definition with 'Sculpt' and 'Hollow'. The highlighting powders don't do much for me, probably because I am too pale, but they are nice to set the under eye concealer with. 'Ice Queen' on the other hand has lots of shimmers in it and does show up quite well on the skin. It gives a lovely glow to the face and I have to contain myself to not dust it all over my face.

The contour powders are very pigmented so I always make sure that I get rid of the excess on the back of my hand. They feel quite creamy and not drying at all. Sometimes matte powders can give a drying feeling but you don't have to worry about that with these. My personal favourite contour shade is 'Sculpt', it is a bit more cool toned than the others and gives me the best shape. I love to use it with my Zoeva Luxe Face Definer brush aka the best contour brush ever! It goes right in the hollow of my cheeks and leaves a perfectly blended contour.

Overall, I think this is a really nice product. The formula is lovely and you get a big variety of colours. The price (€25,30 via ASOS) is also decent for a product like this. Do I still want the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit? Yes, but that's just because I can never own enough contour palettes!

What is your favourite contour product?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: Metropolitain

When I am in Amsterdam and have to go somewhere I usually take the tram. It's the best way to get around in the city -besides cycling of course- and this way you get to see some of the gorgeous buildings too. A place that I see a lot when I take the tram is Café de Paris. A restaurant that has been talked about A LOT. This café also has a brunch spot right underneath the stairs: Metropolitain. It's the favourite Sunday brunch place of many bloggers and even on a Saturday my friend and I spotted a popular Dutch blogger. How exciting?

Now this isn't just a café that is talked about a lot. One visit to this place and you know exactly why people come back to eat the lovely French toast and eggs Metropolitain. We went around 12:30pm on a Saturday and we were quite surprised when we managed to find an empty seat. There were some spots outside too but we decided to sit inside and enjoy the perfect Instagramable interior.

We both ordered the French toast. I had seen this dish on Instagram a lot and knew that it's the thing that you should order when you go and eat there. The other things on the menu looked pretty good too, so I will definitely go back for another round. I also went with homemade lemonade. There were three flavours, but I chose Limoncello. Homemade lemonade with actual lemons sounds pretty amazing to me and it tasted really good.

As Instagram addicts we first had a short photoshoot when our food arrived. The presentation of the slices of French toast was amazing and we both had to contain ourselves before immediately digging in. That first bite was heaven though. Love me some French toast!

The toast was served with maple syrup, blueberry mascarpone and topped off with lots of red fruit. It was honestly one of the best French toast I have ever tasted and for the past few days I have constantly been daydreaming about that amazing meal. I must go back soon!

I really recommend popping into Metropolitain when you are in Amsterdam. The price is quite good and the food is delicious too. Ooh and a few gorgeous Instagram pics never hurt, right?

What is your favourite brunch dish?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion

When I love a product it usually stays with me for the rest of my life. The First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara are just a few examples and this Kiehl's product definitely belongs in the same category.

A few years ago -around the time that I started this blog- I was on the hunt for a new face cream. My fave from Garnier got discontinued and the replacements that I bought weren't as good. I heard that Kiehl's was like the it-brand when it comes to flawless skin, so I went to their store and a lovely salesperson recommended me the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion. A ground-breaking day that changed my skin forever.

Now this sounds quite dramatic, but for a person who has had problems with allergies and acne, it's great to finally find a product that moisturises your skin, doesn't give you allergic reactions and acne and looks great underneath make-up. The price can put many people off (€26,00/125ml) but no drugstore moisturizer can compete with this one. Believe me, I've tried.

It's a gel-like consistency, very creamy and you don't need a lot. It immediately soaks into the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. In the beginning I also found that it helped with the oil-control on my skin, but after trying it for 4 years I can tell that isn't the case anymore. This moisturizer is also free of parabens, perfume and oil which makes it even more perfect.
It does have quite a strong scent though. I am not good at describing scents, but for me it smells quite minty and fresh. You only really smell it when you apply it and after that the scent fades quite quickly. I once tried the Philosophy Hope in a Jar and the scent of that cream stayed with me the entire day. The scent was horrible too, so that wasn't really a big success haha.

If you have oily/combination skin and are looking for a new moisturizer I would recommend giving this Kiehl's one a try. I really wish I knew about this product way sooner, but young me would probably think it's way too expensive haha!

Have you ever tried something from Kiehl's? What is your favourite? 

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Holiday Outfit

Top - Topshop
Pants - New Look
Shoes - Primark
Sunglasses - Quay Australia
Watch - Olivia Burton
Neck Tie - Primark (a bit hidden but it's there!)

When I was on holiday a few weeks ago I got really inspired. Both in the fashion and photography department. Having a friend with you that doesn't mind taking some snaps of you, as long as you do the same thing for her, really helps to step up your Instagram game.
I also loved to put new outfits together. It always rains here and it's never that hot so going to a country where the sun always shines made me extremely happy. And this way I could finally pull out all the summer clothes I never get to wear!

These flowy, black pants are from New Look and I love them a lot. I got them in London last year and they are such a versatile piece. Another item, that I also bought in London, are these sunglasses from Quay Australia. I wanted a pair like these for such a long time and when I finally got them I was over the moon. The platform shoes are from Primark and they really have been a savior for me. They are super comfortable and oh so stylish. Combine this all with a basic, white t-shirt from Topshop and a black bandana tie (a close up can be found on my Instagram) and you have the perfect black/white look!

What is your favourite summer fashion piece?

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