Friday, December 8, 2017

The Hague Food Hotspot: Pistache

Amsterdam is my favourite city in the Netherlands. I live very close to it, I work and study there and I love the vibe. Now the Netherlands has a lot more to offer when it comes to fabulous cities. Haarlem, Rotterdam and Utrecht are just a few of those babes and not to mention The Hague -or Den Haag, as we Dutchies call it- where today’s hotspot is located.

I love The Hague a lot. It has the same vibe that Amsterdam has; only it's a lot less busy with tourists, there is an amazing beach that you definitely have to visit once the sun is out and they have some cool hotspots like 'Pistache'!
Pistache is located right in the city centre -my friend and I still took a tram there since we are lazy a f- and surprisingly it wasn't busy at all. Maybe it had something to do with the weather -it was a typically Dutch weather day: rain, rain and more rain-, so we quickly headed inside and took a seat. 
The interior was all I could ever hope for. The green leaves art, gold mirrors and quirky, fluffy pillows made this place an Instagram heaven. Can the person that decorated this place do my room as well?

We both ordered the pumpkin waffles and I had -of course- a fresh ginger tea. I actually had a look on the menu just now, and they changed it, so I don't think you can get the pumpkin waffles, but they have a lot of other nice new things like chocolate coconut waffles and French toast, so I think I have to visit them again soon because you all know I can’t say no to carbs for breakfast.
The waffles and tea were very good. They had some coconut cream on the side which was a bit interesting but overall I really enjoyed my breakfast here. The price is also quite cheap for what you get, so you don't have to feel bad when you order the entire menu. -I am definitely going to do that next time.-

I will hopefully head back to The Hague soon. There are still so many hotspots there that I haven't visited and I can't wait to discover them in 2018!

What is your favourite breakfast food?

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