Friday, April 29, 2016

Seeing DNCE & Joe Jonas liked my photo!?

Last Sunday I went to see DNCE in Amsterdam. I love their song 'Cake By The Ocean' and as a former Camp Rock fan - okay I admit I still LOVE that movie - I was very excited to see Joe in real life. 
The concert was really great and I also added quite a few clips of it in my vlog, so you can enjoy it too. However the best thing happened after the gig, when Mister Joe - freaking - Jonas liked my Instagram photo. - OMG! - I am still dying about it right now and I find my fangirl moments in this vlog hilarious. Maybe it's a bit over the top but it's truly how I reacted to it. Hope you like it!

With which celebrity would you freak out if they liked your Instagram photo?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

A few years ago I first tried out the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. It was actually a hand-me-down of my sister because she didn't like it at all. When I tried it out, I wasn't really a fan too. Mainly because the colour was way too orange on me but after mixing it with my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation I slowly started to like it.

On my shopping spree in London I was looking at the Rimmel counter in Boots and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that there was a lighter colour available of the Wake Me Up foundation; 010 Light Porcelain. Let's say that all my foundation wishes have come true. It's just perfect!

The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is a brightening foundation that also gives a decent amount of medium coverage. I find that it blends into my skin really well and looks super natural and glowy. It covers up my acne scars and pimples a bit, so concealer is definitely necessary to get a flawless look.  
As it is very brightening I do set it with a powder. I have combination/oily skin and without a dash of powder I would look like a shining disco ball. I love that it looks so natural and the colour ‘010 Light Porcelain’ is actually perfect for me. It's a bit lighter than my natural skin colour, but I always bronze it up so that is not really a problem for me.
It stays on quite well, if you powder it during the day too, and I think that this is the perfect summer foundation. They also added a SPF 15 to it, which makes it even more suitable for those sunny days. I might even get the colour ‘100 Ivory’ from my make-up drawer when I get back from my holiday next month. At least, I hope I have a lovely tan by then haha!

I also used this foundation in my GRWM for The 1975 concert. You can watch it here!

Have your tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation before? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What I Got For My Birthday

Last week I became 22 years old. ''I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22'' has been on repeat since then. Mainly because it's an amazing song and I love Taylor Swift, but also because the song finally has a meaning to me: I am 22.

Now I got some amazing presents from my family and friends and decided to show them all to you! Whilst editing I found out that I also forgot a few - dammit-, so I will show you those in a separate blogpost. For now I hope you like to see the things that I got and also don't forget to subscribe because I am really on a roll when it comes to creating YouTube videos!


Monday, April 18, 2016

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: De Drie Graefjes

Another week, another Amsterdam hotspot! As you may know I have started this new series on my blog where I tell you all about the best food hotspots in Amsterdam. This one is probably no surprise as I basically live there -you can check my Instagram for proof!- Of course I am talking about 'De Drie Graefjes', a café where they have THE BEST red velvet cake. Oooh and they have other stuff too but the cakes there are just oooh emmm geee!

My first visit to De Drie Graefjes was about three years ago and I keep coming back. It rarely ever happens that I love a place so much it’s the first thing that pops into my mind when I meet up with a friend. Because catching up and eating cake? Yes please! For this series I have to step away from my go-to hotspot and explore other things, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write about it, right?

De Drie Graefjes has two locations; both are very close to Dam Square and located in the centre of Amsterdam. That’s also one of the reasons why I pop into their café often. It’s just so close-by! I mainly go inside for a slice of red velvet cake and a cup of fresh mint tea but the club sandwiches and juices are also really good. The interior is very cosy and during rush hour the place is jam-packed full. I have always been very lucky to get a table but when you are with a big group of people it can be quite difficult.

If you are going to Amsterdam you have to visit De Drie Graefjes. Everyone loves it, which is why it’s always so busy. The red velvet cake is so moist and lovely and I even get hungry writing about it. I have to pay them a visit again soon!

Do you have a favourite food hotspot?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The London Haul 2016

A bit late but finally here: the haul of my London trip! As you may know, I went to London in January - read about my London holiday adventures here - and I bought A LOT. Mainly beauty stuff as there wasn't really a lot of nice fashion things in store. 
I know that this video is extremely late but I bought way too many things to not film a haul and upload it haha. Hope you enjoy watching it and hooray for posting a video after what seems like the longest break from YouTube!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

Estée Lauder always brings out amazing products around the summer time. Last year I was obsessed with the Estée Lauder Kendall Jenner lipstick - I still am tbh- and this year I had to get the oh so popular Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess scent. 

I was on the urge of buying it last year but summer was almost over and since I already have a million other perfumes, I decided not to purchase it. This time around, I knew that it had to be my summer scent so when my mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday I already had an answer: The Bronze Goddess perfume!

We immediately ordered it as soon as I got the email that it was in stock again, but after that I doubted a bit. What if the scent wasn't as good as I remembered? I hadn't smelled this perfume since last August so maybe I hated it now. You never know.
Luckily I had nothing to worry about because it is so lovely. I sprayed it on as soon as my order arrived and I immediately felt the urge to go on a holiday and lay on the beach with a coconut in my hand. It really has that summery vibe that my other perfumes don't have and since I am super bad at describing perfumes I have the official notes right here:

Sensuous Notes
Amber. Coconut Milk. Sandalwood. Vanilla. Vetiver. Myrrh

Warm Notes
Juicy Mandarin. Sicilian Bergamot. Lemon. Pulpy Orange

Radiant Notes
Tiare Flower. Jasmine. Magnolia Petals. Orange Flower Buds. Lavender

-Or in my words: summer with a hint of coconut-

You get 100ml for €65,00 which I think is a really good price for a perfume like this. Even though it's an Eau Fraîche skinscent I find that it stays on well and I can smell myself pretty much the whole day -as in smelling in a good way of course haha-. If you haven't smelled this scent yet I highly recommend you go and a take a look at an Estée Lauder counter. I am going on a holiday in about four weeks time and I can't wait to pop this in my suitcase and leave a lovely scent wherever I go.

Have you tried this scent already?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Get Ready With Me: Going to The 1975 Concert in Amsterdam

Almost 2 weeks ago I went to see The 1975 in Amsterdam. The concert was amazing and I really enjoyed it a lot. To share a bit of my experience there, I filmed a Get Ready With Me video and also inserted some Snapchats at the end in case you want to enjoy the moment with me. I always love to watch these quick videos so I hope you really like them too!

I am also back on YouTube so if you want to see more videos then you should hit that subscribe button! :)

Do you listen to The 1975? What is your favourite song?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hey, I put some new shoes on

Buying shoes is one of my most favourite things to do and as a shoe addict a new pair gets me excited every single time. A few weeks ago I was walking past a store that had a 50% off sale poster on their window. I immediately went in and saw a pair of black Dr. Martens boots that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately they were too big for me and it was the last pair in store. I sprinted to another store of theirs to find out that they were sold out there too. I was a bit disappointed, but my eye immediately fell on the Converse section and luckily the black All Stars were still left in my size. As you can see by this post they fitted me perfectly and I have been obsessed with them ever since. 

I have never owned a pair of Converse shoes but they have been on top of my wish list for a long time. Together with a pair of Dr. Martens haha. I was never really a sneaker girl, but since my Topshop slip-ons and my Adidas Stan Smith's, I can't deny the fact that sneakers are just so comfy and stylish. 

I started to wear my new sneakers last week and I don't have any blisters on my feet. Normally I always get blisters when I wear new shoes. I don't know if that's because of my poor shoe choices (love Primark heels but most times they really kill my feet) or because my feet are just weird. I also wore them to The 1975 concert (GRWM video coming soon) and they were so comfy to dance in. They do have some black marks on them now, which I immediately cleaned up the day after the gig. I really want them to stay clean forever. Not that that is going to happen though haha.

Do you have a favourite pair of sneakers?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Burberry Beauty Haul

Last Saturday I went to a beauty sale and as someone who is obsessed with anything beauty related I was extremely excited. I bought quite a lot of products with a huge discount (haul video coming soon!) and even before my video goes up I want to show you the two most exciting purchases of them all: a Burberry lipstick and Burberry nail polish!

Burberry Beauty always looks so pretty when I see it making an appearance in YouTube videos and on blogs. The only problem is that it's a bit expensive so when I was looking through all the makeup and saw these two beauties I knew that they had to be mine. I picked up the Burberry Lip Mist in Trench Kiss and a Burberry nail polish in Stone. Both colours are very nude and wearable which I like a lot because I am planning to wear these babies non-stop. They were also 10 euros each which is such a bargain!

I can't tell you much about them because I haven't even tried them out yet. Reviews of these lovely products will go up very shortly and I can't wait to tell you what I think of them! Stay tuned!

Have you tried a beauty product from Burberry before?

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