Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Oysho Eau de Parfum .1

Have you ever been in the situation where someone walks past, you get a whiff of their perfume and immediately think: I wish I knew what that scent was? This happens to me on numerous occasions and I think I finally found the scent that I have been searching for all this time.

When I was in Barcelona last October we also went shopping. We went to a lot of shops and also stumbled into Oysho, a sister of Zara. It's the perfect shop for lounge- and sleepwear, and when I walked inside I could smell this familiar scent. It might not be exactly like the perfume that I smelled before but it came pretty close. The entire store smelled like the perfume that they call their '.1' scent (50ml/€19,99). I didn't buy it in the store then, but luckily for me they also had a shop at the airport, so I didn't had to worry about liquids and stuff, because believe me, my liquids bag was full till the brim. 
The bottle itself is not fancy and maybe a bit cheap looking. Like with everything in life, it's about the inside that counts. 

Since I suck at describing scents I took the description of Oysho:
''Myrtle with a touch of green prevails in the opening, and as the fragrance evolves, a constant play is noted between the feminine and masculine. The essence is composed of a hot splash of iris that contrasts with the hint of leather. Finally, the undertone is characterised by notes of wood and amber, which are softened by the creaminess of vanilla and the sensuality of white musk.''

Now I do think it's not a scent that everyone loves. Not like Chanel Mademoiselle or La Vie Est Belle do. The friend that I was with actually hated it and said I should not buy it, but oh well, I did anyway. Back in my homely surroundings I do think it would've been better if I bought the Eau de Toilette, because it is quite strong. Normally I don't smell my perfume at the end of the day, but with this one I bloody do!

I am happy to have finally discovered the scent that I would smell all the time - at least I hope this is the one - and I can't wait to wear it more. Maybe I should spritz it in the air and walk right through it like they do in the movies. I always thought that was stupid, but with this perfume it might be a good trick!


  1. Wow!This perfume's bottle is so gorgeous,I totally love the style of this bottle,i wonder how this perfume smells.Thank you so much

  2. I have felt the same way about this exact scent! It's wonderful!

  3. I'm so glad I found out what it is!!!

  4. how do we purchase if not in Europe?


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