Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Barcelona Food Hotspot: Eyescream and Friends

I know that the current weather doesn't scream cold soft serve, but when in Barcelona it was the only thing on my mind. Now I'm normally not an ice cream fan. When it comes for dessert I'd rather have warm apple pie or cheesecake, but when you are in a Mediterranean country it has to happen to escape a bit of the heat. And when the ice cream looks as cute as these fluff balls I can't say no.

Eyescream and Friends -get it? It's ice cream with eyes, so clever!- is a small shop right near the sea in Barcelona. When we tried to find it we actually walked right past it, so definitely have you eyes open when you are on the hunt for this lovely spot. 
It's as simple as this. You pay -I think it was €4,50- and pick the kind of ice cream flavour you want, grab two toppings -including Oreos, gummy bears and chocolate sauce- and then they make your cute shaved gelato friend and add the eyes. I chose the mango flavour -one of my favourite fruits- and saw the ice cream get transformed into this thing that was too pretty to eat. I did eat it in the end though, because he -or she- started to melt in the sun. It was honestly one of the best ice creams I have ever tasted and the fact that it looked so cute as well made it taste even better.
My friend and I also had a photoshoot outside of the shop -because did we really eat it if there was no picture taken?- and people looked at what we had and walked straight into Eyescream and Friends to get their own ice cream buddy. 

The shop is actually on the same street as Brunch and Cake by the Sea, so after you have your brunch there you can immediately pop next door to get dessert. If you have space though. I was SO full after my pancakes at Brunch and Cake by the Sea that I really needed a food break. Do make sure that when you are hangry again to get a cute gelato at Eyescream and Friends. It will be on the best things you’ll ever do in Barcelona.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

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