Friday, December 22, 2017

Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo Nail Polish in Napa Valley

 If there is one thing that perks up my mood on a crappy day it's groomed hands, and specifically nails. I have to admit I don't care for my hands and feet as much as I do for my face and I feel like that has to change. Starting with the first thing that gives my hands that loved look: nail polish. 
Now nail polish can look extremely good. I think it transform your look and finishes of an outfit -especially when you try to match-. Of course my nail polish chips in no-time and then I'm too lazy to take it off even though it takes two minutes -the struggle is real!-. It's one of the reasons why I never wear nail polish, but with this colour from Ciaté London I have tried my best to become a bit more of a nail polish gal.

I have previously never owned a Ciaté nail polish. I knew about the brand by their enormous advent calendars and gorgeous packaging so when I spotted a Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo nail polish in TK Maxx for six pounds I was all excited. This happened when I was in Brighton last January, so I do apologize for the lateness of this post. Good way to end the year with a product that you bought at the start haha.

I grew up watching The Hills and The City so fashionista Olivia Palermo is the perfect lady for a nail polish collab. I think the colour of this nail polish ''Napa Valley'' represent here in a way too. It’s a dark berry red kind of colour that looks so elegant, classy and feminine. Safe to say this is the only nail polish that I have been reaching for if I ever decide to do my nails.

Applying is so easy with the brush. I don't know what it is but it gets enough product on the brush to get a lovely coated nail. One coat can do the trick when you are in a hurry, but out of habit I always do two. It applies like a dream and dries up quickly as well. All I'm left with are glossy red nails that last up to at least four/five days, depending on what my activities are that week.

Ciaté London is definitely a brand that I want discover a lot more in the New Year. I feel that it can be quite hard sometimes to find good nail polish that lasts a long time and is not streaky. I’m very happy that I can finally cross 'Finding the perfect nail polish brand' of my list!

Have you tried Ciaté London before?

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