Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Brighton Trip 2017

Last Friday a friend and I were on our way to London for a weekend filled with Instagramable lunches, shopping and finding the cutest walls and houses in Notting Hill and Shoreditch. But before that all took place we went to Brighton. I visited Brighton on my last trip to London and I fell in love with the seaside, The Lanes and all the cute bakeries you can find around town. 

Now when I was in Brighton there was one thing I really wanted to see: the colourful beach huts. Last time, I had no idea where they were and I thought I saw a glimpse of something colourful in the distant when I was standing on the pier. Turns out those were actually the beach huts!
After arriving in Brighton we first had a bagel at Bagelman -which was delicious btw- and after a long walk with our suitcases -yup we still had those with us- we arrived at the cutest little beach huts and acted like total tourists. After taking about a billion photos we walked all the way back for a stroll through The Lanes. We went to 42 Juice, the tiniest juice place in The Lanes. I ended up buying a ginger and carrot juice and also a healthy cleansing water with cayenne, maple syrup and lemon. To make up for all the healthiness we went to the Angel Food Bakery. I ordered the biggest slice of Victoria sponge and sipped on my green tea whilst eating all that yumminess. 
To end our trip we went to The Creperie. I really wanted to eat there and it was worth the visit. Besides the fact that I was already full from that humongous slice of cake I did manage to eat a Nutty Ella crepe -don't ask me how- and take a few sips of my hot chocolate. It was all so nice, but I was too full at the end to finish it all.

I will definitely go to Brighton again and cross more hotspots and must visits off my list. There is just so much to do and so little time! Also I vlogged everything so that will be up soon as well!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Joe & the Juice

As I'm writing this, I am still at home with a well packed suitcase by my side. As you read this, I am back in the city that I love so much: London. On my last trip I discovered many trendy food spots and Joe & the Juice was one of them. I might be sipping on a healthy carrot ginger juice right now!

Joe & the Juice was on the list of places to visit -the list is three pages long now, I see so many nice cafés on Instagram these days- so after a shopping trip to Boots I visited their store near Oxford Circus and went for a 'Prince of Green' juice, full of spinach, pineapple and apple. It was very nice and totally justified the giant slice of salted caramel cake I bought from LOLA's -it was near closing time so the guy behind the counter gave me an even bigger slice, happy me!-.
On the last day of my London trip I went to their store in the Carnaby Street area. I ordered a 'Go Away Doc' juice that is made with apple, carrot and ginger. I really like ginger you know. I see a huge difference in my skin when I have used it in a juice or in my tea and it adds lots of flavour. The juice was delicious too and instantly made me feel healthier. 

Sadly, this was the last time I visited a Joe & the Juice but it makes me very excited that I will be back in a few days. Look out for lots of artsy blogger poses, delicious pancakes and colourful juices from Joe & the Juice on my Instagram!

What is your favourite healthy juice?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Black Faux Fur Coat

Now that temperature is in the minus region I'm always seen with a thick jumper and a fluffy coat. I already talked about my leopard coat from Topshop, I love that coat to bits, but sometimes I do like to change it up a bit.

I picked up this coat last year at a flea market in Amsterdam. I was actually able to buy three coats for 70 euros which I thought was an amazing deal. I definitely wear this one the most. It's black which helps a lot when I need a coat to match my outfit and I love the big pockets on the side. Perfect for my phone and public transport card when I am on the go. It's also incredibly soft and looks so good considering the fact it was a second hand coat.
I matched my coat with my Topshop Fringe Hem Jamie Jeans and snake skin booties from Primark. I'm also wearing the black and white jumper that I showed in my haul, but the scarf is covering up that bit quite well. That jumper is one of my recent faves and it was on sale too, such a bargain!

And if you are looking for a perfect spot for an outfit photo in Amsterdam this is the one. I took this photo near the ‘Negen Straatjes’ -great food places there as well- and it's so lovely with the canals and these stairs that lead up to someone’s house. Wish I will live in a property like that some day!

What is your favourite coat?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Korres Vanilla / Freesia / Lychee EDT

When my holiday to Greece came to an end I was really sad. Although flying still excites me, the return flight wasn't as fun as the week before. To make myself feel a bit better I always go and have a look in the airport shops. I already bought a huge bar of chocolate and a Korres Shower Gel but on my way to get a healthy juice I spotted another beauty store. I was actually looking for a cleanser from Clinique, but since that was nowhere to be seen I was stuck at the Korres counter, again. This time my eye fell on their perfumes. I took a whiff of all the scents and immediately fell in love with their Vanilla, Freesia and Lychee scent (€39,00/50ml). Since Korres is a Greek brand and it was tax free I bought it in a whim and together with my juice I felt a bit better about going to the cold, rainy Netherlands. At least I would smell nice.

The perfume comes in a pretty colourful box. It has a very chique bottle and a white lid. In my opinion black would've made it even better, but I have to leave some room for improvement right? And honestly for something that smells that good I don't care what it looks like.
There is a thing about the scent that I can't describe. It has that warm feeling that my Lancôme La Vie Est Belle and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle also have. A few spritzes and I will smell it the entire day. Even when I have nothing to wear and I am in a rush and basically just grab whatever is on the floor -I know so bad!- I still smell the Eau de Toilette on my clothes.

In the end I have nothing bad to say about this gorgeous perfume. It might not be your thing but scents are personal after all. Sometimes you like something and sometimes you don't. For me this will definitely be a reason to come back to Greece. I can get it here as well, but it's cheaper in Greece and I finally have a good excuse to book another trip to that sunny country.

Have you tried anything from Korres?

Friday, January 13, 2017

First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

In my recent Feel Unique haul you spotted this beauty from First Aid Beauty, their Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. I have tried it out for a couple of weeks now and I have nothing but love for this new addition to my skincare routine.

The packaging is almost the same as their normal cleanser, only this has red details. It's handy to use and hygienic too. I never like to put my fingers in a moisturizer or cleanser, it just doesn’t seem right to me.
Now the different thing is the product inside. I squished some product out and the relaxing spa scent immediately went up my nostrils. When you go to the spa or the sauna you also have this relaxing scent and this cleanser smells exactly like that! Best way to start and end the day.
It's a red gel type consistency and after I've applied it to my face I add a bit of water to make it easier to massage it into the skin. Then I wash it off with lukewarm water.
Personally I don't use it to take my make-up off. It can do the job, but I'd rather use a product that specializes in getting all the foundation and contour of my face, like the F.A.B Face Cleanser or the Una Brennan Cleansing Oil. This deep cleanser comes as a second step to be 100% sure that all the dirt and grime is off my face. I also use it in the morning to cleanse my face. 
Now the reason why I love it so much is that my skin feels really clean. I've definitely noticed a major change in my skin. I get less pimples and an overall glow has appeared on my face. Note: I used this over Christmas too and I stuffed my face with festive chocolate and mince pies and no sign of pimples whatsoever. It's a Christmas miracle!

I will definitely repurchase this one. I see such a clear difference in the way my skin looks and acts. I've always had problem skin and if this product helps to make it a bit better I will use it forever and ever. 

What is your favourite cleanser?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Big Topshop Haul January 2017

A new year means sale, and lots of it. I went into Topshop to have a look at their sale and saw way too many nice pieces. This haul is a mix of sale and non-sale and lot's of lovely items. I bought these really funky Jamie jeans, a velvet suit, chokers and some make-up bits. Hope you like it!

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: The Cold Pressed Juicery

To start 2017 in a healthy way I am telling you a bit more about one of my favourite juice places in Amsterdam. You will find quite a few Cold Pressed Juicery stores in Amsterdam but I decided to go to this one on the 'Herengracht' which is close to Dam square. 

It's small but has all the healthiness you need. You can get healthy juices, superfood smoothies, power shots and yummy snacks. I tried the The Fix, a juice with kale, cucumber, romaine, celery, ginger, spinach, parsley and lemon. It was very gingery and although I love a cup of fresh ginger tea, there was a bit too much ginger in this juice. Next time I will probably go for another juice that is less healthy. -basically a juice with more fruit. I need my sweetness!-

I love the bottles that the juices come in. They are so stylish and are amazing to carry your water in. Since I tried out Joe & The Juice in London I have really missed a fresh juice and I'm happy that I can go to this place to get my health shot. Because nothing is better than to start a new year fresh and healthy!

What is your favourite juice?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rimmel London Sculpting Palette by Kate

Contouring has been hip, hot and happening for a while now and I have to say I have quite a soft spot for that shaping technique. I own many contour kits and when a new one comes along it usually doesn’t take long before I own it. I have this Rimmel London Sculpting Palette by Kate for a while now and just gotten around to share my review.

The packaging is basic but nice looking and handy as well. I always love it when they put multiple products in one item, because this way you get three for the price of one. Whenever I travel I always make sure a kit like this is in my make-up bag. It saves space and is way easier.

Now a similar style to this is the Sleek Face Form Kit. A kit with a contour powder, blush and highlighter. I have used that one to death and it's safe to say that I need to buy a new one -it’s that good!-. However this palette from Rimmel doesn't come close to the quality of Sleek. 
The brown shaping shade is very warm, has glitter in it and is more meant to give you that bronzy Victoria Secret glow than to actually give you shape. Although I do like the angel look I think there are way better products to make that look even better. The pigmentation is also a bit off and overall I'm not a fan. 
Then onto the blush. The product I probably like the most. Again this product is also not that pigmented, but it leaves a nice peachy sheen on the cheeks. Perfect for those light make-up days.
Last but not least: the highlighter. Now I love highlighter, the Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca is my absolute fave and I know what I expect a highlighter to be. Again this product just doesn’t meet my expectations. When I apply it I don't see a glow on my face, not in the way my Becca or MAC highlighters do the job. And yes, those ones are far more expensive, but the Sleek kit does work for me and that is from the drugstore so it must be possible. The highlighter from the Rimmel kit gives you a light shimmery sheen that won't make your dreams come true. As far as you have dreams about highlighting your face of course.

I like the idea of Rimmel to create a sculpting palette but the outcome is just not that good. You are far better off with the Sleek Face Form Kit. You pay a few extra dimes but it's totally worth it!

Have you tried this palette before?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Dear 2017,

I want to start off this post by wishing you all a happy New Year. I hope you all had a great evening spending it with your loved ones, watching the fireworks and drinking a glass of champagne, or in my case: fresh ginger tea. I got sick on the 29th and still wasn't feeling my normal self on New Year’s Eve so I stayed home with my mum and stepdad and watched some telly and the fireworks of course. Not that I normally wouldn't do that, I'm just not a big fan of partying on New Year’s Eve. I'd rather stay in bed and watch Harry Potter for the millionth time. Bit boring maybe, but I like it and that's all that matters. Now grab yourself a cuppa tea and a leftover mince pie -I know I will- and get back to last year. Weird to say that, isn't it?

The year 2016 had its ups and downs and honestly I'm happy that it's over. Nothing is better than filling all those 365 days with new memories and exciting adventures. Still there are a few things I enjoyed in 2016. I like them so much that I will definitely keep continuing to pursue them this year as well.

I have never made so many trips as I did in the last year. My dad is probably getting a bit bored of driving me to the airport so much - he says he doesn't mind- but every single time I set foot in that place I get this exciting feeling. There is something about taking place in a metal bird that flies you to a completely different destination. Last year, I was very lucky to visit Bodrum in Turkey and Rhodes in Greece. I hadn't been on a summer holiday in such a long time and feeling the sunshine on my skin felt so good. They were both places I had never been to before and I loved soaking up all the culture and spending both trips with some of my loveliest friends.
I also had the pleasure to visit London twice, once with my sister and once on my own. You are probably getting sick and tired of me talking about that town but I love it there. I especially treasure my last visit when I went on my own. I did so many things and learned lots about myself. For this year I already have two London trips planned -the next one is in three weeks-, and I have lots of other destinations in my head as well. I really want to make a NYC & LA trip, visit Copenhagen and Sweden and go back to Greece, because it's amazing there and the sun always makes me happy.

In the last year I also made a lot of new friends. It's crazy how one year you don't know each other and the next year you do. I also started my job at Topshop where I met lots of lovely people from all over the world and I honestly never thought I would still meet so many people in a year. When I went to London on my own I also met up with a friend that I met on the internet. Bit scary -because what if it's a catfish? No worries she was real- but it was so nice to actually talk face to face instead of a Twitter message. For this year I want to meet more people and make even better memories with the gals.

I also started to get a bit more recognition with my blog. Especially in the last month of 2016 I got a lot more views and I'm very happy with that. I loved being invited to a Benefit event at the beginning of the year -watch that vlog here- because I never thought that would ever happen, since it’s a brand I’ve known and loved for years. I definitely want to create more content for you all – in written and visual form- and last month’s #blogmas helped with that too. Although I might've skipped a few days -I did catch up- I was always over the moon whenever I posted a new blogpost no matter what subject it was. The Tanya Burr Salted Nutella Cookies blogpost is my most viewed article of the year and I'm happy people liked it and wanted to know how to make them.

What I've also learned last year is that if you want to do something you should do it, even if that means you have to do it on your own. It's easier to be with someone because that way you might not seem like a loner, but when I see someone going to the movies alone I will never ever think that. And also, people are way too busy caring about what other people think, that they won't notice you anyways. It's nice to experience things together because that way you can laugh and cherish those moments, but sometimes people don't have the same love for things, or time or money and that's okay. 
I did many things on my own this year. Mainly because I really wanted to do it. Was it scary to eat in a restaurant, travel, enjoy a gig of The 1975 and sitting in the cinema crying my eyes out whilst watching Me Before You all on my own? Yes, but they were also a lot of fun, because otherwise I would've never done those things. 

So on to making many more new adventures -with people and on my own- in 2017. I hope you make the most of it because I know I will!

Lots of love,

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