Monday, December 11, 2017

A Sparkling Christmas with Ice-Watch

Time is a funny thing. I could be waiting for something and it would take ages, but when I am playing The Sims many hours pass without me noticing that it's already dark outside. I find knowing what time of the day it is really important. This way I know exactly how much time I have left to work on all the things I want to do that day. Sometimes those things evolve around finishing a season of Gossip Girl on Netflix, but hey we all have our accomplishments.

I was never a watch person, until I got one for my 21st birthday. I actually picked it out myself, because I thought it would make me look more sophisticated and grown up. I don't know if that worked, but I liked my new morning ritual of putting on my watch and jewellery. 
Now when it comes to lipsticks I have quite a lot of different colours and finishes, one for every kind of occasion and mood that I'm in, so why not get another watch that adds a bit more sparkle to my festive mood? -You can never have enough glitter at this time of year right?-

This CITY Sparkling watch* (€99) from Ice-Watch ticks off all the boxes when it comes to the best Christmassy watch. It's sparkly, classy, black -like the lbd, the lbw- and puts me in the best mood whenever I check what time it is. I love the black and silver combo because it goes with every outfit and it's very subtle too. The watch feels comfy around my wrist, especially now that I have worn it a lot and the sparkles are not as in your face, which is nice for when Christmas is over and I feel like sparkling up my outfit in July. Sparkles are never not appropriate. 

I have been wearing this watch non-stop since I got it. The battery in my other watch died, so I'm happy that I have another watch that I can wear, so that I'll always know what time it is. I kind of missed it when I wasn’t wearing one and I stupidly tried to look at my wrist only to find out that my watch wasn’t there. 
If sparkles are not your thing there are also a lot of other Ice-Watch options that I personally can't wait to discover. I guess I can add 'watch collector' to my list of hobbies now haha!

Do you have a watch? What kind do you have?

*The items with a * were kindly sent to me. My opinion and sparkly punctuality are completely my own.

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