Friday, May 30, 2014

Food | Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes

The last couple of years I have been obsessed with healthy food. Five years ago I took my first sip of Vita Coco and tried my first goji berry. Nowadays this is hot and happening. Everyone is obsessed with chia seeds, flaxseeds and gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free food. You see vegan food everywhere and I have to say, I really like this new, healthy trend.
This recipe is popping up on a lot of blogs recently. I found it interesting: a pancake without any flour? The truth is: it is so delicious! I want to eat this every single day if I could. Today I will share my version of gluten-free banana pancakes!

- Two eggs
- 1 banana
- Tablespoon of flax seeds
- Tablespoon of hemp seeds

- Tablespoon of chia seeds
- a pinch of cinnamon
- Coconut oil

For me this is the base of the pancake. You can add more tasty things if you like. Blueberries, raspberries, nuts, goji berries etc. With this you will make a very healthy pancake.

  1. First mash the banana in a bowl with a fork. Make sure that it becomes smooth and there are no large pieces of banana left.
  2. Add two eggs and mix them with the banana until it becomes one substance.
  3. Add all the goodness into the bowl. I add flaxseeds and hemp seeds.
  4. Put a bit of coconut oil in a frying pan, let it melt and put the banana/egg mixture in the frying pan. At this point I add the cinnamon on top.
  5. Wait till it is dry on top and then flip the pancake. This can be difficult. In the beginning this never went really well for me. Also a thing that I do, is I place a lid on the frying pan. The pancake is cooked easier that way. After you have flipped the pancake you leave the lid off.
  6. And there you have it. Your own yummy banana pancake! I added some apple and honey for more healthy goodness!

I hope you all enjoy this recipe! I think it is so easy and quick to make. A healthy way to eat yummy food!

Are you going to make these banana pancakes?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beauty Talk | Five Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

Recently I have been thinking. What if I can only keep five beauty products? What would I choose? I came to the conclusion that these five lifesavers really are my favourite products. I use them every day and as the title says: I can't live without them. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
This is the most used product out of everything I own. I have to admit I am quite the lip balm junkie. Some people carry ten lipsticks around, for me its lip balm (I also carry a lot of lipsticks around in my bag, don't judge me!). My two favourites out all of them are the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and a Dutch wonder called 'Purol'. These two make my lips so soft and moisturized. I have plenty of Eight Hour Creams around, so at the moment this is my absolute favourite!

MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer
Concealer is my BEST friend when it comes to make-up. I like to wear foundation, but it doesn't cover up everything. This concealer on the other hand has no problem with giving good coverage and a natural finish that last all day. I have the colour NC15 which matches me perfectly! Absolutely love it!

Catrice Matt Powder
A lifesaving product for girls with combination/oily skin, like me. During the day my t-zone gets oily and let’s just say that it doesn't look good. With the help of this powder I can keep my shine to a minimum. A few touch ups during the day and I am good to go!

Pixi Glow Tonic
After rediscovering this last month I cannot live without it anymore. I absolutely love the way this makes my skin feel and look! I don't get a lot of break outs anymore and it gives you a wonderful glow. Yep, the name of this beauty does what it says. I also saw that they sell it online. Hopefully they do ship to The Netherlands. Although a city trip to London does sound good right?
Catrice Eyebrow powder + Eyebrow Gel
I know that there are two of them, but I couldn’t choose. I love the way the brow powder makes my brows look fuller and thicker. The brow gel just keeps them in place and lifts them up. A perfect combo if you ask me. 

What are your favourite products?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Review | Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

It is time for another foundation review! I have been loving this for a long time now and no, not only because it smells amazing. When this first came out I was curious. A foundation with real fruit? I bought it to find out that this amazing, fruity foundation is pretty good. The only thing that bothered me was the colour range. N0 52 was too dark for me, so I switched to True Match by L’Oréal. Until about a year ago they came with a new packaging and a N0 51! I fell in love with its natural looking finish and the amazing smell that no other foundation, I know, has.

According to Bourjois: ''It gives your skin a radiance boost and leaves it looking flawless for up to 16 hours. Bourjois' new Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation is enriched with a fruit therapy formula to enhance your complexion.

- Apricot for radiance
- Melon for hydration
- Apple to protect your youth

It is also enriched with crystalline pigments to even out the complexion while letting in the natural light for that healthy looking glow.''

So is this true? Let’s find out!

It gives a light to medium coverage. It depends on how much you apply and if you take time to blend it in. When I have an off day I just wear this and I am good to go. But on school and work days I want a bit more coverage on spots and scars. 
It gives a natural finish with a glowy, healthy sheen. Because I have combination/oily skin I powder my face. I would look like a shining disco ball if I didn't. If you have normal to dry skin this would look amazing!
The foundation should look flawless up to 16 hours. Well I do not know about that. After a couple of hours it just doesn't look as good as it did in the morning. I get an oily t-zone and think just slip and slide. So no, it doesn't look flawless for 16 hours.
The hydration part is definitely true. I do not get dry skin from this foundation. It also does not break me out in any way. Maybe this foundation isn't suited for my skin, but I love the formula and the scent so much! Color wise it is a bit darker than my skin. I have MAC concealer in NC15 and NW20 and it matches the NW20. But summer is coming up, so it might match me eventually!

Overall a wonderful foundation that creates healthy looking skin. The coverage is great and the scent is to die for. Why couldn't every foundation smell like that?

What are your thoughts on the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beauty | Catrice Luxury Lacquer in Maliblue

Nail polish is one of my best beauty pals. It can make any outfit look better with its fun and bright colours. There was just one type that missed in the bunch that I own: a textured one. That was when I walked passed the Catrice counter; my eye fell on this beauty. I also bought a brown one, but I still haven't worn it.
Maliblue, which is the name of this tropical cocktail, has been pulled out of my nail polish drawer for the millionth time, so I would like to share this gorgeous shade with you.

Catrice Luxury Lacquer in C02 Maliblue. €3,59

It is a bright blue shade with a liquid sand effect. I combine this colour with the It's All I Can Blue nail polish, also by Catrice. I love these two together. I wear Maliblue as a special touch on the nail of my ring finger. It looks amazing! They both cover really well. I put two coats of the It's All I Can Blue and one coat of Maliblue on my nails and I am good to go! My nails last five days without chipping, which is rare for me. So thumps up for this nail polish!

This has definitely opened my eyes for more textured nail polishes. I will definitely try the brown one, that is still waiting in my drawer. But not for long!

What are your thoughts on liquid sand effect nail polishes?

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