Monday, December 18, 2017

Little Red Chelsea Boots

If there is one thing I do well -besides eating and sleeping, obviously- it's finding the best items that are on sale. I love searching for a good deal -especially online because shops during sale season are a mess- and when I find one I get all excited and happy. As I said in the '10 things that instantly make me feel happy' post, shopping really cures any kind of sad mood I'm in, so when I found these red babes I was all pumped up.

Little of a back story here, I have been looking for red boots for ages now. I mean I want cute comfy ones, but not too expensive. Well let me tell you that's not easy to find. I searched everywhere, but a pair of gorgeous red boots won't come cheap and since I'm very poor at the moment -saving for NYC and stuff- I wasn't able to spend big bucks on a pair of boots that I'll probably won’t like next winter season anyways. 
There enters Primark. The store that always saves the day when it comes to my fashion struggles. I spotted these red Chelsea boots at Primark in Amsterdam about five weeks ago. There was one size 39 left, but there were a few marks on the shoe, so after an internal conversation with myself -do you have those too or is it just me? - I put them at the same spot where I found them and walked away. I hoped I would find them in London a week later, but after searching at two big Primark stores I only found the gold version -on sale- and I was gutted I didn't pick them up in Amsterdam. If they were silver I would be all happy -silver boots are still on my list, so if you know a good pair let this girl know!- but gold is not really my kind of colour. 
Fast forward to last Wednesday when I went to Primark in The Hague -that store is everywhere isn't it?- and spotted my gorgeous red boots, on sale , and in a size 39 -three pairs actually, so I picked the nicest one-. These babes ended up being €10 (!) and it honestly made my day. I also grabbed three hats whilst I was there and came to a smashing total of €23 at the till. That's what a fashionable, but poor, student loves to hear! The boots are faux suede, so not perfect for winter weather, but I don't care. I bloody love them so much!

I took them out for a proper walk today in Amsterdam and although my feet feel a bit sore, they do take my outfit to the next level. The red colour popped with my blue leopard fluffy coat and I felt so sassy when I had them on. Like I'm a proper adult walking the catwalk street and not giving a damn about the red being a bit too much. If only Primark could bring out the silver version too, then my shoe collection would be really complete. I already have so many pairs of shoes, but there is always room for one more, right?

What is your favourite shoe colour? Mine is definitely black, red and silver!

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