About me

Hi! My name is Marjolein, born in April and living in London, although I used to live in a small country called The Netherlands before I hopped on a place and moved across the pond. I studied Media, Information and Communication in Amsterdam where I learned all about creating content and now work at a fashion company in Shoredich doing exactly that. 
My blog, that you are reading this page on right now, is all about fashion, beauty, travelling and food. Everything I love basically.

How it all began
I have always loved make-up, even when I was a kid I was intrigued by it all. I was very young when I purchased my first mascara and lipgloss and so the make-up obsession began...
In 2012 I started to watch beauty videos on YouTube and it sort of opened my eyes to the beauty community. It made me very excited about trying new make-up and other beauty products. Then I came to a point in my life where the question ''Why do I not start a blog?'' popped into my head more often. That was the moment when I started Miss CocoBlue. 

Currently, I am more passionate about travelling, discovering hotspots and fashion, but occasionally a beauty post will pop up on the blog. I am still the kind of gal that spends an hour in Boots and Superdrug and I need to express my opinions about those beauty items somewhere, you know. 

Why Miss CocoBlue?

My first, expensive nail polish was from Chanel. I had been eyeing the colour for about a year, but I could not find a similar, cheaper colour. So I just decided to make a splurge and buy it. It is a gorgeous, baby blue colour with the name ‘Coco Blue’. Put 'Miss' in front of it and there you have Miss CocoBlue.

Here are a few of my favourite things articles I have ever written on the blog:
1. My Top 5 Brunch Spots in Amsterdam
2. The London Trip July 2017
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5. The Rainbow Cake

And now a bit of info about me
You probably think: who is this Dutch gal that eats brunch every weekend and posts way too many flowers? Well, these are a few facts about me!

What do I do when I'm not blogging: Does eating and sleeping count? Only joking of course. Not really. I like shopping, travelling, discovering new food hotspots with friends and photography. I also go the cinema a lot and see the occasional gig. There I nothing better than that!

Favourite animal: Without a doubt dogs! Nothing beats the cuddly greeting of a dog. 

Favourite city: It used to London, but since I live here now I have to say Amsterdam and Barcelona.

My biggest fear: Spiders! Gosh, hate them so much.

Favourite food: Hard to pick just one, but probably something sweet. I love the red velvet cake from De Drie Graefjes in Amsterdam or my rainbow cake. It tastes exactly like the red velvet, but takes a very long time to make. Ooh and when I'm in a savoury mood, pasta and pizza are my ultimate cravings!

Favourite drink: I'm going to be really boring here and say water. Nothing makes me happier than drinking water, or tea. Ooh maybe fresh ginger tea could be my favourite drink. I love that stuff!

Ideal Saturday evening: I'm the incredible age of 25 and I do not act like it at all. I'm a huge granny when it comes to spending my Saturday night. I love to just lay in bed with my favourite series and a cup of tea.

Favourite song: I'm such a sucker for End of Time by BeyoncĂ© and I love UGH! from The 1975. Blossoms is my favourite band at the moment (Your Girlfriend and I Just Imagined You are so catchy), and yes,  I'm the type of person that puts a song on repeat until even I get annoyed.

Favourite movie: Lion and Me Before You. Both films made me cry so much when I saw them in the cinema. They still make me cry to be honest. I also love this Dutch romantic comedy called 'Weg van Jou'. Normally Dutch films are pretty bad, but I really liked this one. It was funny, recognizable, romantic and if you are Dutch you need to see it. I don't think the film has English subtitles, but you can still watch it and try to understand the weird languague us Dutchies speak. I went to see the film in the cinema six (!) times, which in my book means it's a must see!

Favourite tv-show: Well this changes daily, but currently I'm OBSESSED with Big Bang Theory and Jane The Virgin. HIMYM, Friends and New Girl also make the cut whenever I don't know what I want to watch.

Celebrity crush: This changes a lot too, but I always come back to Tyler Blackburn, Sam Claflin and Harry Styles. Ooh and when I was younger I had quite the crush on Joe Jonas - remember those Camp Rock days-, which is why I freaked out so much when he liked my Instagram photo. It turned out to be the funniest vlog I ever filmed.

Favourite clothing item: My vintage blue leopard faux fur coat. The print is amazing, it keeps me warm in the winter and it was €20! 

Favourite high street store: I shop the most at ASOS, but if I have to pick an actual store it will be Topshop.

Heels or flats: I want to be the kind of girl that says heels, but flats all the way!

Favourite make-up brand: If I feel fancy: Becca. When I'm not feeling spendy: Collection or Colourpop.

So that was a bit of information about me! I hope you enjoy reading what I get up to and also make sure to follow me on social media to not miss anything! :)

Lots of love,

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