Monday, December 25, 2017

The Copenhagen Food Hotspot: La Esquina

In March, of this year, I went on a mini trip to Copenhagen and Sweden with one of my friends that lives in Sweden. I was in Copenhagen for two days, but we had full packed days with all sort of exciting sightseeing’s and lots of delicious food. It wouldn't be me if I didn’t have an entire list of trendy food places at the ready and so the first thing we did after dropping of our luggage at the hostel was eating at La Esquina, a cute café that I found online.

La Esquina can be found in the Østerbro neighbourhood. It's a small café with a nice chill vibe and is mainly visited by locals. One of the reasons why I like to make a foodie hotspot list is that this way you actually go to places that you would've never accidently stumbled upon. I don't want to be the kind of gal that eats in the touristy areas and I'd rather much blend in with locals and see different parts of a city.
We were at La Esquina around 2 PM and there were plenty of seats available. We both sat down in the cosy cushions and ordered a lot of food, including a Belgian waffle, grapefruit and avocado sandwiches. The menus were in Danish, but funnily enough we both could kind of guess what everything was. We also ordered these fresh mint, ginger and lemon drinks which were extremely spicy but so tasty. It all arrived quickly and we ate and chatted for at least an hour I think. The food was good. Anything with avocado on it is fine by me and as a sweet tooth I loved the waffle. Denmark in general is pricy, so basically all the food is too. When I'm on holiday I don't think about it that much and since everything is in Danish Krone it's harder as well. I do kind of calculate but not in full detail.

I think La Esquina is one of the best cafés where I ate during the trip. The staff was friendly, it wasn't busy, the food came fast and it was delicious too. If you want to blend in with locals and eat some delicious food then you have to visit this spot on your Copenhagen trip too.

Also, this is my last post of #blogmas -yes I know I'm a day too late, but to be fair I have been on time the entire month of December-. I really liked creating a lot of content and being on it every day. I always fall in and out of love with blogging, but this month has definitely sparked up the love again. I love writing and creating nice images and I want to be more regular with posting too. For now I'm going to take a well-deserved break and enjoy Christmas. Happy Holidays and I'll be back soon with new content!

Have you ever been to Copenhagen?

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