Thursday, December 7, 2017

How To Get Sh*t Done

If there is one person who shouldn't write this post it's me. I'm THE WORST at getting things done - only stuff that I don't want to do, like uni assignments, ugh-, but maybe that's the reason why I can help, because I know what's it like to procrastinate for days and wait till the last minute to start doing something. I actually clean my room before, so that I can ''work better'' and I make to-do lists with 'showering', 'sending back my ASOS order', and 'having lunch', because it makes me feel more productive whenever I cross it off the list. Let’s forget the fact that the 'finish that particular assignment' task never leaves the list. 
To help you get all your stuff done before the Christmas holidays and help myself to do the same I'm going to put a few tips together to hopefully make your life -and my life- a bit easier. (Most of these things are uni related, but you can adjust them to your situation)

- Starting that new show on Netflix is not the best idea when you need to get stuff done. Because ''just one episode'' is not the case and you end up spending two days watching all the episodes of Riverdale and then rewatching them because you are obsessed -true story-. I'd stick to movies, or better: no Netflix at all.

- I do believe that working in a clean setting helps with getting sh*t done. So clean your room before you start. Do it fast and efficient, so you can start with the other things on your to-do list. Or take it slow and sing along to 'Work it Out' from High School Musical while you clean everything.

- DON'T meet up with a friend to ''work'' on your uni stuff together. It seems like a good idea, because that way you actually have to leave your bed, which obviously means you will be productive. But I always end up chatting to that friend for hours, because we haven't seen each other for a while. Then we whine about the work that we have to do for another hour and by that time we feel that we've accomplished enough, so we head home to lie in our beds, eat and watch Netflix. The only way that this could work is to be in a room where you are not allowed to talk, but then we'll probably tag each other in student problem memes on Facebook, so yeah just go by yourself.

- Set times for every item on your to-do list. This way you set a mini goal for yourself to have it finished in that exact time and you also see how much time you actually need. Ooh and calculate a bit more time for each assignment. You know you will be procrastinating anyway.

- Put your phone on silent and out of sight and don't look on social media. It can be hard to be offline for a while, but that way you won’t get distracted. 

- Make sure you have time off from work and other things when your deadlines are coming up. When you leave everything till the last minute it's nice to not worry about your job and you can fully focus on all the stuff that you need to do.

- Set goals and treats for yourself. Like, ''when I finish this assignment I can buy those shoes from ASOS'' or ''I am going to book a holiday when I've had all my exams''. You can also do it with something that -most of the time- doesn't cost a lot of money: food. You totally deserve a slice of red velvet cake after all the hard studying that you have done. And please do it AFTER you have finished the assignment, don't be like me who books a flight to Barcelona, New York, London, without even doing anything.

- And last... Just do it. You have to do it eventually and I rather go to bed at a reasonable time than pulling an all-nighter because I basically watched Little Mix videos all day. Also, starting is the hardest part. Once you are actually researching and writing it's not too bad. Not as fun as browsing YouTube all day, but hey life is not always fun. 

So Mar when you are reading this, because you have been procrastinating, again, get off the internet –okay not completely, because you’ll probably need it for your assignments, but you know what I mean- and get to bloody work! Hopefully this helped you a bit as well. Let’s all be productive together! 

Do you have any tips to be productive?


  1. This post is wonderfully written. The title and the text are both very vivid in nature and the pictures are like icing on this already very delicious cake. The outlook is also fantastic


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