Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Barcelona Food Hotspot: Trópico

When in Barcelona it's mandatory to have brunch at a cute, summery café. Well Trópico is the answer to all those hotspot prayers. It was the café where I had my first official Barcelona brunch and I could not have wished for a better place. 

Trópico is located in the neighbourhood El Raval, a few streets away from La Ramblas, the most popular street in Barcelona. The café has a few themes when it comes to interior design. At first you enter this tropical orange room, followed by a palm leaves dream and at the end you'll find a more spacious room with lots of light. The tropical orange room is honestly the best thing in the world, so obviously that's where we sat. They have these cool bamboo tables, colourful tropical pillows and plants everywhere. It was hard not to fall in love with the place. -and ask the number for their decorator-

My friend and I both ordered pancakes -there are also acai bowls and eggs Bennie on the menu, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't order something sweet- and I ordered a fancy smoothie to go with it. It was called the 'Thai Dragon Tail', a bright pink smoothie covered in banana slices, coconut flakes and dragon fruit. The food came quite fast, which was nice because we were both extremely hangry. The pancakes were good, fluffy but a bit sticky and covered in cream cheese, fruit and syrup. I do think of myself as a pancake expert when it comes to brunch and these ones were very good. Sugary and fluffy make all my pancake brunch dreams come true.
The smoothie was good as well; a bit thick so the cute straw didn't really help, but I still enjoyed my first Barcelona brunch a lot. The price of the food was cheap compared to other European cities I've been to. The pancakes were €7 and the drink was €5,5. Coffee is pretty cheap in Barcelona so if you prefer a good latte over a tropical pink drink you'll be as happy as can be. 

I 100% recommend coming here on your Barcelona trip. It gives you those holiday tropical vibes that makes you instantly relaxed, the food is great and there are always enough tables. They also do dinner, so if you can't squeeze Trópico in for brunch you have to dine here. Ooh and don't forget to take a few snaps whilst you're there!

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Have you ever been to Barcelona? What is your favourite hotspot there?

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