Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Light Blue Denim Love Affair

For many years I was the kind of girl that would always be seen in her skinny black jeans. I just adored my Topshop Jamie's and basically lived in them 24/7. This all changed at the beginning of this year when I slowly started to fall in love with blue denim. And not just any blue denim but loose fitted denim as well. I never thought I would ever say goodbye to skinny jeans, but the time has come that I can say that I'm not a big fan of those tight pants anymore.

It all started with a pair of mom jeans and now all I wear is kick flares, straight jeans and cropped wide denim. I love the flare trend and I own a pair of kick flares form H&M and Topshop that haven't left my sight since I got them. My Florence straight jeans from ASOS have also made quite the appearance on my Instagram, so I think I need to repurchase them in different colours, since I can't live without. They are just so comfy!

The reason why I never opted for any light coloured blue bottoms was that I thought black made my thighs look skinnier. And in ways it does. Black looks really flattering, goes with everything and doesn't draw as much attention to the area as blue denim does. I guess I was tired of my black ensemble and wanted to spice it up. Not that I hate black jeans now, because I have been eyeing up a pair of black Topshop Dree jeans that I 100% have to get. 

My style has been changing a lot for the last couple of years and I think I'm finally happy with the ''style'' that I tend to go for. A rocky 70's, 90's vibe with lots of different prints, colours and textures. What's not to love about that? Maybe one day I will go back to my beloved black Jamie jeans, but for now it's time to say goodbye.

What is your favourite kind of denim?


  1. loving your outfit, i have never tried that style of jeans i always tell myself they won't fit because i am so petite, loving the look

  2. Loving your outfit!

    Best, Nikoleta. /


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