Saturday, December 28, 2013

Food | Yummy Breakfast: Banana Porridge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I skip it all the time. I’d rather sleep for ten more minutes. Every morning I realize it is too late to eat, so I just grab a banana or a granola bar for on the go.
When I am free and at home I always make a nice dish. I put in a little bit more effort since I do really like making and eating breakfast.

This morning I decided to make porridge. I also added some muesli. I wanted some nuts on top of my porridge, but I couldn’t find any. So muesli was the closest I could find. Normally I also put in flaxseeds, but my sister used them all up. So no flaxseeds for me this time.
Porridge is very plain so you can spice it up to your preference. Put berries and chia seeds on top and sprinkle it with honey or add apple, cinnamon and raisins in to your porridge.
I decided to keep it very simple with just some banana, raisins, cinnamon and honey. If you want to make this yummy porridge then keep on reading.


    Oats (I did not really use a quantity, just put in how much you want)
     Muesli (or nuts)
         One glass of water
        A pinch of cinnamon
        Two tablespoons of honey
        One banana

You start with putting your oats (and muesli) in a pan. Add in the water and turn up the heat. Keep stirring and wait till its boiling, than turn the heat to its lowest.  You already see it is becoming ticker.
Keep stirring till your oatmeal is ready and add the cinnamon and the honey.
Put the porridge in a bowl and add the banana and raisins.

As you can see this recipe is quick and easy, so no more excuses for not eating a healthy and yummy breakfast. Grab a spoon and enjoy this bowl of happiness.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review | MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow

Last year I bought my MAC pallet. It is an eye-catcher in my make-up stash and I am very happy with it. The only problem: I need to fill it up. At the time I bought two eyeshadows: Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe. Two beautiful colours that work great together. I wear Naked Lunch alone or with a little bit of Satin Taupe threw the crease. It is the most beautiful and simple combination ever.
Every season there is a hype about an eyeshadow. In autumn everyone is blown away by MAC Cranberry. I have seen this eyeshadow before and thought it looked very scary. It is a dark reddish colour and I would have never thought in a million years I would wear something like that. I am more a nude-eye kind of girl, but Cranberry has always been on my wishlist.  My friend bought it for me as a present, since she knew how much I would like it. I went a bit crazy when I unpacked a MAC bag and found out this little pan was inside. I was a bit enthusiastic, and that is very underrated.

MAC Cranberry, as the name says, is a cranberry colour. It has a frost finish, just like Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe.
The photo's don't do this colour its justice. It looks like a reddish metallic when you swatch it. Very pretty!
It is very pigmented and you don’t have any fall-out when you apply it. This is nice since you don’t want to have red powder on your freshly applied face make-up.

I see myself wearing this in the crease of a brown smokey eye. I also saw someone using it as a crease colour in combination with a dark blue eye pencil and a brown eyeshadow. It looked very pretty.
I will experiment with the eyeshadow and find out which way I would use it and share my thoughts with you. Normally I don’t tend to go for heavy eye make-up, but since the festive days are coming up I have to give it a try.

How would you use MAC Cranberry?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review | Essie After School Boy Blazer

I have been eyeing this one for a while now. I love Essie nail polishes. The colour range is lovely, the names are just too cute and the staying power is amazing. Although I do think that €9,99 is bit expensive for a nail polish. That is why I sometimes buy on as a cheeky present for myself. This one however was 30% off (BARGAIN ALERT), so I decided it was now or never.

What Essie says:
‘It’s back to cool when you're back in blue-black. This academy blue lacquer is the prep-school chic must of the season’.

As you expect from Essie nail polishes the colour payoff is amazing. After one coat my nails have a gorgeous dark blue colour. You can go for a second coat, but this is not necessary. Because of the wide brush, that all the Essie nail polishes have, the application is very easy. Even for me, I always struggle with getting a nice application and this brush just makes that very easy.
I have been wearing this colour nonstop since I got it. This has been two weeks ago and I only needed to redo my nail polish once. Normally my nail polish always chips after three to four days. But not with this one! I have just put a base coat underneath and layered it with two coats of the nail polish.
I also love the fact that it is really dark. You need to look close to see that it is a dark blue. I have had dark blue’s before, but they do not compare to this one.
I love the way a manicure can give a total different look to your outfit. I always feel more fashionable when I wear nail polish, I know this is weird but I just do.
This nail polish will be perfect for fall and winter time. Even though winter has just begun I feel like I am going to wear this one a lot.

What is your favourite nail polish?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Review | Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip in Vegas Strip

Highlighters have been a huge trend the past couple of years. It took a bit of time before the affordable brands picked up this trend, but this time around you see them pop up everywhere.
I had my eyes on the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter. I saw it been used in a lot of videos and I just loved the colours, the packaging and the glow it gives your skin. The only problem, it is expensive and it is hard to get hold off here in Europe. There was a dupe on the internet for this: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip in Vegas Strip. The only problem is that it is only available in the US. Luckily I have amazing friends that brought some US goodies with them. Including the shimmer strip in Vegas Strip. I decided not to go for the Dior Amber Diamond, since it was 45 dollars.

I ripped the sticker while unpacking the product


-       - Hypoallergenic

-       - Fragrance free

I already saw that these colours are very warm toned. If I saw this colour in store I probably walked past it. Since I am very pale the colours can be a little bit too dark for me.
Looking at it in the pan I see a lot of warm toned gold and browns. However the colour isn’t as bright on the skin as it is in the pan. Normally you want things to be pigmented, but these are workable for my skin right now.
I love how versatile these shimmer strips are. You can use them as bronzer, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow. Blush doesn’t really counts for this strip, but I have seen other strips with pink shades.

I think this product is well worth its price. I have to say this time of year I will probably not use it very often. I think these shades are perfect for summer, but with this cold weather they are not very suitable for my skin. I am very pale, so to wear bronzy shimmery colours are not my thing at the moment.
I love that it is a multi-purpose product. The highlighter however is a bit too yellow for my skin. So I will go for something more pink toned instead.
As for eyeshadow I wouldn’t use this to create an eye look since the colours can look very similar on the eye lid. But as an individual colour they are very nice. You can swap them on your lid or add some other eyeshadows to create the perfect look.

In the end it is a beautiful product. I think this will be at its best when you have darker skin. Otherwise you should go for a different shade that suits your skin tone. But since I can’t buy them here I will just have to go with it. I hope that in the summer when I have a bit of a tan, and people still think I am pale, this will look amazing.
I am already looking forward to have bronzed glowy looking skin with a hint of shimmer on the eyes. That will be the perfect summer look for me. But I need to wait for about five months before that is ever going to happen.

What is your favourite highlighter?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Skincare | My experience with benzoylperoxide

As you know from my skin treatment posts, my skin isn’t the best. Before I went to the doctor my mom bought me a tube of benzoyl peroxide 50 mg. She just bought it at the drugstore from that same drugstore brand. I had no idea what it was and what it did. I googled it and red some reviews from other people. They said that it burns on your skin, it gets red and you get extremely irritated skin. But it does help with acne.  
 For people who have no idea what benzoyl peroxide is. It is a white gel substance. I have 50 mg, but you also have them with a higher concentrate. It peels your skin off, clears pores and reduces the acne bacteria. It can bleach you hair, clothes etc. So you have to be careful when you use it.

I started to use it and thought I would feel a burning feeling on my skin, but nothing happened. I thought well I don’t feel anything, maybe those people were wrong. Well I made a mistake by thinking that.

 The next day my blemishes were a little bit dried out, but they were still there. I also didn’t experienced any burning, redness or irritation. The third day I still didn’t had any of the symptoms, but ‘o boy’ when I washed my face I felt and saw it: parts of my chin were completely dried out, red, irritated and there was a very unpleasant burning feeling. You could see the dryness threw my foundation. It was not really flakey or anything, but it was very tight that you could see lines that my skin was very dry and tight. I didn’t feel comfortable about my skin at all. One day later some parts started to get really flakey.

I had the burning feeling for about two days and then it disappeared. The dryness however didn’t leave. I had a sample from La Roche-Possay Effacler H for oily skin that is dry because of treatments. I started to put that on those areas. Which made me break out even more on my chin, at least I think it was the cream. After about two days using that cream the tightness of my skin was gone. All I was left with was red and flakey skin.
I stopped using the benzoyl peroxide and three days later my skin was a bit red, but normal again. No pain, no flakiness and no irritation. That same week I started my other treatments which helped a lot.
They say that the longer you use it your skin doesn’t get as dry anymore and the burning feeling goes away. I haven’t used it for that amount of time. So I can’t say if that is true or not.
 I don’t think it is the best solution for acne. In the end it didn’t solve my problem. I still got blemishes while I was using the benzoyl peroxide. It dries them out, but I still got new ones. I don’t think the burning and the dry/tight-ness is good for you skin. However I didn’t use it for a long period of time, so maybe it does work in the end.

I am happy I didn’t go through with it. I feel much happier with the treatment I am doing right now.
I would love to know if you used benzoyl peroxide and your experience with it.

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