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S. Oliver So Pure

A month ago I was at a S. Oliver event for their new fragrance collection 'So Pure'. I know S. Oliver mainly from their fashion, so I was excited to get to know the brand and their new eau de toilettes. 

The event was held at the Hoxton Hotel in Amsterdam. I had never been there, but of course heard about the hotel from everybody on Instagram, and it didn't disappoint. The hotel is absolutely stunning -I'm basing this only on the lobby and room where the event took place. No way that I can afford to stay here for a week-. We were welcomed by a glass of champagne and a gorgeous room fully decorated with green apples, So Pure and the book Hygge. After a few chats, food and sips of bubbles we sat down in a room where we got a bit more information about So Pure. We got even more food -the cheesecake was my favourite, obviously- and headed home with a bag full of goodies to review.

The collection So Pure is inspired by the Danish word Hygge which means: enjoying life's simple pleasures, like family, friends, candles or taking a warm bath; the simple things in life. 
Especially with all the craziness of work, social media and society standards, I think it's a good message for a fragrance. We also got the book Hygge as a gift, and I feel bad that I still haven't read it. I will make it my mission to finish it before 2017 ends or maybe I will take it with me to New York, since I will need some reading company on my solo brunches in the Big Apple. 

The So Pure collection has a fragrance for women and also one for men*. I don't have that much knowledge about men fragrances, just what I do and don't like, and I have to say that I love this scent. It smells very 'manly' -such a good description, not- and my non-existing boyfriend would absolutely love it, so I gave it to my stepdad who likes it a lot. There you go, approved by a male, so it must be good.

Here the scent for both fragrances, since I already proved that I suck at describing scents - what even is a 'manly' scent haha?-

So Pure for Her
Top Note: Ivy, Calamansi, Apple
Middle Note: Freesia, Jasmin, Cashmere Wood
Base Note: Ambrox, Musk, Sandal Wood 

So Pure for Him
Top Note: Bergamot, Green Apple, Cardamom
Middle Note: Lavender, Violets, Geranium,
Base Note: Cedar wood, Sandal Wood, Amber

Back to the stuff that I do know: women’s fragrances! S. Oliver So Pure for Her* reminds me of a fragrance that I used to have when I was little. We even had a chat about it at the event. All the woman at my table thought exactly the same when they smelled it, but they couldn't remember the name of the perfume. I mainly think it gives that homely feel, because it's very floral, and I used to have so many floral scents when I was young. It was my go-to thing. 
I do like the So Pure for Her scent. It's definitely a more spring/summer scent for me as it’s very floral and sweet. It's an eau de toilette, but quite strong considering that it's not a parfum. The design of both bottles is very minimalistic, sleek and breathes the Hygge lifestyle. Something that’s also good for the eyes? The price. For 30 ml you pay €17,99 (Him) and €22,99 (Her) per bottle. Don't know why the price is different per gender, but products designed for woman are usually more expensive. Probably because we are easily tempted to buy stuff? I don't know. To make it even better they also have a shower gel*, body lotion* and deodorant*. That way you can completely smell like the So Pure scent.

The S. Oliver So Pure fragrance line is a good new addition to the already existing fragrances from S. Oliver. I love the philosophy behind it and they smell pretty good if you ask me. They are sold around stores in Europe and online, so definitely give them a sniff when you see them on display somewhere.

What do you think about these S. Oliver fragrances?

*The items with a * were kindly sent to me. My opinion and fruity scent are completely my own.

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