Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Barcelona Food Hotspot: Brunch & Cake by the Sea

Before I booked my trip to Barcelona I had already planned out exactly where I wanted to eat. I know that sounds a bit strange, but whenever I see tasty looking food on Instagram I save the café where it's at in a map. That way I know where the cool local brunch spots are at. New York, Stockholm, Bali; I haven't been to any of these places -yet- but when I go, at least I will be eating all the snazzy foods. 

Anyways, when it came to Barcelona I had a few spots where I would love to go and eat. You may have seen my blogpost about the smoothie bowls at Lulu -which were amazing- but one café that was even higher on the list was Brunch & Cake, a cute little chain of cafés in Barcelona. They are known for their insane food presentation, quirky use of decoration and healthy brunch foods. My friend and I ended up eating at their location by the sea, hence the name Brunch & Cake by the Sea, and it was the best location. Brunching in the sunshine while overlooking the harbour made the trip extra special.

We arrived at the café around 1PM and there was a little queue outside. Not as big as I expected it to be and it went surprisingly fast. I think we waited for 10 minutes or so when a table outside became available (you do pay extra when sitting outside). We browsed the menu for a long time -they just have so many tasty things on there- and ended up going for banana pancakes and the vegan burger in combination with juice and coffee. I had a beetroot latte which was very interesting I must say.
The food arrived insanely fast and the girl that took our order was so sweet. My banana pancakes were more like two slices of banana cake, but hey I'm not complaining about that. They looked and tasted wonderful and it was everything I could have hoped for my first Brunch & Cake experience. The price was cheap if you compare it to a healthy brunch in London or Copenhagen, so that made me like the place even more. 

I could not rave enough about Brunch & Cake. Next time in Barcelona I will 100% go back to this place. Maybe a different café of theirs to spice things up. There are just so many nice things on the menu that I have to try. Maybe I should move there so I can have brunch there every week haha.

Have you ever been to Brunch & Cake in Barcelona? What did you think?

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