Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Kick Flare Jeans

A few weeks ago I wrote about my love for blue denim jeans and I briefly mentioned my kick flare obsession. Time to dedicate an entire post to the jeans that I can't live without: the kick flare!

Flares were a huge trend in the 70's and they are totally back. As a Dutchie that is in Amsterdam pretty much all the time, I have to say that they are definitely part of the Amsterdam girl starter pack -that pack also includes, a baker boy hat, some clear sunglasses and white Adidas sneakers- There is this pair of rib flare leggings that every girl in Amsterdam owns. Now I love flares too, but the kick flares are where it's at. They are cropped and make me feel more 'me' if that makes any sense. 

The pair that I have been living in are the Topshop Dree jeans. I ordered a black pair last week, so I'm still waiting on that package to arrive -living in front of my door to not miss the mail man haha-. I went for length 32, wish I had gone for a 34 since it's freezing outside and my ankles are not made for this weather, but 34 is sold out online and not available in store, so I guess 32 is my only option. I also haven't really seen kick flares at other high street stores. Not that I've been browsing that much but when I occasionally search for them I can never find them. Not even on ASOS which is normally my holy grail store when it comes to every product that I possibly need in my life. -if you have seen kick flares that are not too expensive please help a girl out!-

Back to my current pair of blue Dree jeans, they are the comfiest thing and I love the fit of them. They are not mega high waisted which I like, because my dark blue pair from H&M cut right in my stomach when I sit down. The denim quality is really nice and soft and they don't stretch out too much. I haven't washed them yet, which I know is gross, but I'm a bit afraid of what they will do when I wash them. I have been so careful not dropping any liquids on them so for now I will leave them unwashed. Being as clumsy as I am it's quite an accomplishment that the jeans are still stain-free as I normally drop my food on anything but in my mouth, but hey I'm better at other things, like buying way too many jeans that I can possibly wear in my life. *insert the sassy emoji here*

You all know, you can expect a post about my black Topshop Dree jeans this #blogmas, since it will be the only pair of jeans I am going to put on my legs this December. Maybe then I will give washing these blue Dree jeans a go.

What is your favourite style of jeans?

- I checked the Topshop website, but this particular colour is sold out, so maybe try and check you local Topshop to hunt these babies down? I did link the black ones! -

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