Friday, June 2, 2023

The London Food Hotspot: TAB X TAB

Back with what I do best: writing about brunch. It's been a while since I shared my favorite brunch spots in London. I always love to try out new bakeries and cafés - almost as much as writing about them, so I thought it was time to share one my favourites.

In the heart of Notting Hill, on Westbourne Grove to be exact, is where you will find TAB X TAB. An airy café where you can try the most delicious coffee, brunch and cakes. It's close to my other faves Sunday in Brooklyn and Granger & Co, so you will always find a good place if either one of these places have an long queue - which always happens on the weekend.

As it was an early Spring day, we took a spot outside to soak up the sunlight and enjoy the warmer temperature. This weather also calls for iced lattes, so that's exactly what I ordered.
Besides my shot of caffeine I went for the creamy mushrooms and scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with some avocado on the side. I never used to be a fan of mushrooms when I was a kid, but I have really grown to love them over the years and this dish was no exception. I loved the creaminess of the dish and I have tried to recreate it at home, but failed miserably every time. My friend ordered the sando (which at the time was with chicken) and also loved her dish.

Overall, I loved my stay at TAB X TAB and will definitely be back for more brunch soon. The food is amazing - can't wait to try their French toast - and being in Notting Hill it's close to all the other gems that the area has to offer.

Have you been to TAB X TAB?

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