Monday, July 27, 2015

Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity

When I heard about the new Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity range and the fact that the body mist was, again, part of the collection, I was very happy. Last year, I purchased some of the Zoella Beauty products when the line came out (read that post here) and the body mist was my fave out of the entire line. Not that I tried all of the products, but anyways..
Because of the shipping fee, I decided to also order the lip balm. I'd rather pay for the lip balm than for the shipping fee, so in the end they were both shipped to me for free! While I was at work my mum Whats Apped me saying that a package had arrived and I knew that it had to be my Feel Unique order, so when I came home I grabbed my scissors, opened it up and gave the perfume a good sniff.

The problem with ordering online is that you don't know how it smells. What if you absolutely HATE it? Then you can't really send it back, but since the body mist wasn't that expensive I'd took a risk and ordered it anyway. I also thought that I would really like it, since I am in love with the scent of the first Zoella Beauty range, and it turns out I was right.

I can't really put it into words, but the fruity scent reminds me of something I used to have when I was a little girl. Little Mar was obsessed with beauty and I used to buy cheap perfumes, mascaras and sparkly lip glosses with the sweetest strawberry scent, so it could be possible that I might picked up a perfume that had a similar scent. I try to remember it, but it doesn't ring a bell.

I picked up two items: the Lets Spritz fragranced body mist and the Kissy Missy lip balm. Let's just say that I LOVE the packaging of the body mist. The colours are so pretty and I love the little dots! I love the scent and since I was in desperate need of a summer scent this came in very handy! It's so fruity, sweet and summery and it totally brings me back to my childhood. Don't expect the scent to last a whole day. It's a body mist and not a perfume, but I love how light it is. Definitely perfect for the spring and summer time!

The Kissy Missy lip balm has a different, more vanilla-like scent and a hint of pink on the lips. It's a little jar, which I am personally not the biggest fan off. I find it not the most hygienic thing in the world, but oh well.
It's very moisturizing and really stays on for a long time. I actually had it on my lips when I went to sleep (I needed a lip balm and this was the first thing I could find) and I woke up with pink lips. I think it's a great lip balm, but I am personally not a fan of the colour. I'd rather have something a bit more coral/peachy colored than this bright pink, so for that reason I probably won't wear it as much.

Overall I am really happy with my purchase. I love the fragranced body mist A LOT and I think it's perfect for the summer time. The lip balm is good, but the colour is just not my thing.

Have you bought anything from the Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity range?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The London Instagram Round-Up

As you know from my Instagram round-up post: I LOVE Instagram, so when I went to London I planned to take lots of photos. It didn't go quite as planned, as you would have read here, but while I was running around, shopping and taking naps on the plane, I did take some photos.
I always like to see these kind of lifestyle posts, so here is my day in London! I also did this the last time I went to London, which you can see here!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trying British Chocolate

When you are at an airport you usually have a lot of time to spare. I love to wonder around the shops and do a bit of duty free damage. This airport wasn't that big, so I ended up at the food section (I always do tbh). There were lots of familiar faces, but also sweets that I've never seen before. 
After watching a lot of ''Trying (insert country here) Candy'' videos on YouTube and the fact that I love chocolate (I mean who doesn't?), I decided to do something similar and I picked up quite some chocolate bars. See here my first impressions!

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter
OMG! I LOVE THIS STUFF! Two years ago at Heathrow airport I also picked this up. I had a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups obsession and the sound of chocolate and peanut butter is heaven to me. I remember liking it a lot and now that I've taken a big bite out of this chocolate bar I am in heaven again. It's just sooo good!

It’s milk chocolate with a golden honeycombed centre. I don't really know if I like this. It's very, very crunchy and I think the texture is a bit weird. It reminds me of some other chocolate I have tried, but I don't really know what. Toblerone maybe? It's okay, but I probably won’t buy it again.    
Double Decker 
Milk chocolate with a soft, chewy nougat top and crunchy cereal bottom. I’m not the biggest nougat fan and there is quite a lot of nougat in there, but I really like the taste of this. The crunchiness is very nice and all together it’s a good chocolate bar!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel 
I was soooo looking forward to this! I love caramel and I love chocolate, so the combination of them together is a recipe to success. And I must say it’s amazing! It comes very close to Milka caramel chocolate, which is something we have in The Netherlands and I love that!

Milk chocolate, caramel and biscuit in one bar. I thought it would taste very similar to Twix, but it doesn't come close to that at all. I think there is a lot of nougat in there too, but I am probably wrong about this. I find the texture very weird and it’s not something I've tasted before. Definitely not my fave, but it’s not gross.

If you read this and think: 'Huh when did you go to England?', read my not so fun experience here!

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