Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year

As I was sipping on my cup of green tea, I was thinking about everything I have done this year. 2014 is almost over and it feels like it was just yesterday when I stood outside at midnight, looking at the beautiful fireworks that lighted up the sky, clinking my glass of kid champagne and wishing everyone a happy New Year. It happens every year, but this year the time has flown by.
In 2014 I met lots of new people and I did my first internship, which was one of the best moments of this year. I went back to London: the best city in my opinion and I also became more passionate about my blog and what I want in life.

I have a few things for the New Year that I would like to change. It might seem a bit corny, but for me a new year is definitely the perfect time for a change.
Every year I have a few New Year’s resolutions, but I never succeed. That is why this year, instead of resolutions, I am going to set goals for 2015. I was inspired by Connor Franta’s new video, who spoke about setting goals instead of resolutions.

So, here are my goals for 2015:
- Work-out at least twice a week
- Eat at least five, different fruits and veggies a day
- Post at least three blogposts a week
- Become more active on YouTube with one video a week
- Get 1000 followers on Twitter
- Visit at least two, foreign countries
- Go to bed early and wake up earlier
- Be fearless
- Not worry as much and just let it go

I know that getting a healthier lifestyle is a classic thing to change in the New Year, but I feel that my mindset is right to finally do something about it
You can do everything you want and I feel like 2015 is going to be a good year, what about you?

I want to wish you all a happy New Year and may you learn new things and let your dreams become reality. X

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The London Trip

Sadly I am writing this post. Not because I don’t like writing, but because this means I am back from London. I had five, amazing days and I will tell you all about them!

Me and my sister left last Saturday to spend five days in the amazing city that is called London. My sister had never been there before, so besides shopping we also went to a lot of touristy stuff.

In all those days we saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and many more of the typical London sightseeing attractions. Besides that, we went to the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour and had a lovely high tea at Bea of Bloomsbury’s. I love Harry Potter, so seeing all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff was very interesting. Also I might have picked up some ‘Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans’ and a Hermione Granger Wand in the gift shop.
Our trip wouldn’t be complete without a lot of shopping. Primark, Topshop, New Look and Dorothy Perkins all had amazing things, so I picked up quite a few fashion items. My beauty addiction also got a bit out of hand in Boots and Superdrug, but I got everything that was on my wishlist. I will feature all the new items in a blogpost or vlog soon!

I will definitely be back soon. Being there made me realize how much I missed it and how much I want to live there. Hopefully my wish will become reality one day.

See here: a few pics from the London trip 2014!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Day In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that I have visited many times in my life and I still have a lot of secrets to discover. I love the freedom, the history and the creativity that surrounds the entire city. I always used to think that Amsterdam was not that special, but now that I know more about the world, I think it has its charm. I love strolling around the city to find cute café’s and great Instagram opportunities.
You can wear anything in Amsterdam and no one will turn their head around if you wear something different. That is why I love cities in general. Everyone minds their own business and you are free to do whatever you want. Hopefully I will live there one day.

You might have seen this outfit before in another post, but I still wanted to show you this little clip. I had to make a video resume for school and I decided to also turn it into my first Youtube project. I really enjoyed filming this on the streets of Amsterdam and it felt less awkward than I expected it to be.

I hope to make more video’s in the future, since I really liked filming and editing it. So see here: My Day in Amsterdam!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My London Wishlist

If you have not heard it already: I am going on a city trip to London this Saturday. I have been excited about it for months and now that the trip is coming closer and closer, I cannot handle my excitement.
London is my favourite city in the entire world. I have been there three times before and every single time I fall in love with the city all over again. Because of all the British Youtubers, who stroll around London a lot, I found many new food places and pretty boutiques that I NEED to visit.
Me and my sister, who is my travel buddy for this trip, are going to the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour which is super exciting and I am taking my sister for a lovely high tea at Bea of Bloomsbury’s for her birthday. We have nothing planned for the other days, but I already know that we will have some jam-packed days ahead of us.
As for my wishlist, I have a couple of things on there. Last year I spent way too much money in London and this time around I want to keep it to a minimum. I am saying this now, but wait until I go crazy in Primark and Boots haha!
See here, all the lovely things that I just NEED to buy!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This concealer is my everything! I love the colour, the coverage and the price. It is just so good for a drugstore concealer. Luckily my mom brought two concealers with here last summer. Unfortunately I lost one when I took a blog picture of it. I cannot find it anywhere *sad face*.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation
Being honest this was a love/hate relationship for me. I hated it at first. I bought the dry/normal formula when I obviously have combination/oily skin and it made my face look cakey. Until I went through my make-up stash and rediscovered the best foundation EVER! It is the perfect colour, it keeps oil at bay (surprisingly, since it is for dry skin) and it leaves the most amazing finish.

Topshop Jamie Jeans
They are my favourite jeans, so of course I need to buy a pair. I had one, but suddenly there was a huge hole, so I had to throw them out. I do have the black, ripped Jamie jeans, but with this cold weather I would like a pair that is completely ordinary.

Primark Turtleneck Sweater
So why did I used to hate these kind of sweaters and why do I want one so badly? They pop up in a lot of videos and they look so warm, comfy and cozy. I saw a turtleneck sweater in the ‘December Primark Haul’ from Becca Rose and it looked amazing! I cannot wait to go a bit mental in the Oxford Street Primark.

Pret A Manger Sandwich + LOLA’s Banoffee Cake
As a girl that loves food this is also on my wishlist. Last year I got introduced to the Avocado Chicken Sandwich from Pret and OMG it is so yummy. Definitely my favourite sandwich ever! And then I have not even begun about the cakes from LOLA’s. Everything in there is amazing, but the Banoffee Cake is delicious!

Of course I will show you everything that I got on the trip. In a post or in a video; I have no idea yet. I am also thinking about vlogging a bit of the trip, so you might get to see that too!
I will have no Wi-Fi the entire trip and for an internet person like me this will be hard, but also quit refreshing. I might pop into Starbucks once in a while to Instagram all my adventures, so you better follow me on there to see what I am getting up too. There are some posts scheduled though, so you can read those and I will be back in no time!

***Also if you have some London related suggestions like food places, Christmas markets or fashion hotspots that I need to visit, please let me know!***

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Detox Weekend

As I am typing this post, my cup of healthy goodness is by my side. My skin had a lot of break outs the last couple of weeks and since my trip to London is next Saturday and the holidays are right around the corner, I was in desperate need of a detox. I have been sipping on green juice, green tea and water all weekend to hopefully save my skin from more break outs and give it a beautiful, healthy glow. I made a lot of juice, so I have been drinking for about three liters of that green yumminess. Let’s hope my skin likes it too!

Here is the recipe for anyone who could also use a bit of a pick-me-up before the holidays!

- One banana
- One pear
- Half a cucumber
- 1 ½ green apple
- Large piece of ginger
- Juice of one lemon
- A handful of spinach
- One tablespoon of hemp seeds
- One tablespoon of flax seeds
- Pinch of cayenne pepper
- Water to make the smoothie thinner. I used about three glasses.

Just mix everything together in a blender and there you have it: your own healthy, green juice that looks a bit scary but tastes amazing!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Matte Brown And The Peachy Glitter

It was only last year when I bought my first MAC eyeshadow. I had been obsessed with MAC for a while and I decided that it was time for me to make my own eyeshadow palette. I got two gorgeous colours: Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch. Two beauties that I still love to pieces.
Today I have two new additions for my palette: All That Glitters and Ground Brown.

ATG has been on my wishlist for a while now. It is one of those eyeshadows that everyone has: a ‘If you are a beauty addict you NEED to have this’ kind of eyeshadow.
I love nude colours, so this is right up my alley. It is an amazing, peachy eyeshadow with a subtle glitter that blends very nicely. I do prefer Naked Lunch over ATG though. Naked Lunch is more subtle, les shimmery and is the perfect everyday eyeshadow. That does not mean I do not like ATG, it is just not my favourite.

Ground Brown is specially picked out for me. A friend of mine is a make-up artist and thought this colour would be perfect for me. It is a pretty, matte, brown eyeshadow. Perfect for a subtle definition at the lash line or as an addition to a dark, smokey eye. This eyeshadow is also very smooth and blends like a dream, so I am very happy with it.

There are still a few spots left in my MAC palette, so Santa if you read this you know what to get me!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Winter Essential

The winter has its beauty. The festivity, the snow flakes and many cups of hot chocolate make it a lovely season, but the cold is a thing that I cannot stand; I am more a summer kind of person. In the winter I always get very dry skin and as a person that is obsessed with beauty, I am not too strict on moisturizing my body. So I end up with dry skin, which is not very pretty.

This winter I decided to change my old habits and actually start doing something about it. Probably because I already have dry legs and hands, oops. The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Intensive Relief Hand Cream is great at making my hands feeling moisturized and ultra soft. It is the perfect size that fits in every bag, so it is my winter travel buddy. The hand cream is very thick and you do not need a lot. It also sinks in very quickly, which I like very much. It smells like cocoa butter, personally I am not too keen on that scent. Other than that it is perfect at keeping my hands super soft and I am ready to brave the cold weather!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Silver Sparkle

When something sparkles it immediately grabs my attention. There is just something about shimmery, glittery things that make me want to buy it. As a kid I loved everything that had sequins and sometimes this guilty pleasure of mine pops up for anything with a sprinkle of glitter. It does not matter if this is a sparkly dress or a glittery eyeshadow; I just love it all.

Highlighters also fit into that category and they have become my new obsession. I love the way they transform your face and give you that perfect, healthy glow. Especially with the dull weather my skin is in desperate need of a shiny pick-me-up.
When I saw this beauty all over Instagram, I knew that it had to be mine; just look at it  *heart eyes emoji*.
It was love at first sight for me and this Chanel highlighter. This beauty is part of their Christmas 2014 collection called ‘Collection Plumes Précieuses de Chanel’. It was a bit of a splurge, but with some gift cards this Camélia de Plumes (€56!) was reasonably priced for a poor student like me.
I love the packaging. It feels very luxurious and every time I apply it, a smile appears on my face; that is how exciting I am about this highlighter! I think the flower design is to die for and adds to the whole Christmassy feeling. The pigmentation is amazing and the gold and silver sparkles leave the most amazing sheen. It is a cool toned shimmer, which is perfect for my pale skin. The formula of this highlighter is also very smooth and soft. It does not have a powdery finish, which I like since you do not want to see visible sparkles on your face. This highlighter is almost too pretty to apply, so I want to save it for special occasions.

I cannot really express my love for this beauty. It is the prettiest thing I have EVER seen and definitely an eye catcher in my make-up drawer. Maybe something to put on your Christmas wishlist?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Red as an Apple

As a child I was obsessed with Disney films; I still am to be honest. The magical world and the gorgeous dresses made me want to be a princess. Unfortunately for me, that never happened, but I can at least still look like one.
Snow White's flushed cheeks are a perfect look for this winter and since I am very pale, it could not have worked any better.

Which blush makes you look like a Disney princess, you say? Well it is one by MAC and it is very pretty. ‘Frankly Scarlet’ is a classic when it comes to blushes. Every fall and winter time I see it pop up in a lot of videos, so time for me to discover this bright looking blush.
This beauty is a matte, powder blush that blends like a dream. It is very, I repeat, very pigmented. So beware before you apply it. Otherwise your cheeks will look like you just went for an intense work-out instead of the desired ‘I just went on a walk in the snow’ flush. Since you need just a tiny bit, this blush will be in your make-up drawer for a very long time. It will also be the perfect Christmas party essential, since it will stay on your cheeks no matter what happens!

I have definitely found my beauty pick for the holidays. Is it not crazy how fast the year went by? I cannot wait for Christmas Day and eat lots of food and watch a bunch of Christmassy films on TV. Maybe they will even play Snow White?
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