Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My Top 6 Brunch Spots in London

Recently I posted about my top 5 favourite brunch spots in Amsterdam and based on the views, you really liked it! That's why today I'm writing about my top 6 brunch spots in London - I wanted to do a top 5, but whilst thinking about all the cafés I came down to 6!-. I say that I'm writing this for you, but I also do it a bit for myself. I just love writing about brunch cafés!

Little note: I do know there are maybe a lot of other/better cafés in London that you love, but this is my own experience from the places where I stuffed my face with pancakes and avocado toast. There are still a lot of other places that I want to visit -the London brunch list in my phone is huge- so there will definitely be a part two. :)

1. Eggbreak
By far the nicest café I have ever eaten at in London. Eggbreak is a small cafe just behind Notting Hill Gate tube station. The man that helped us was super friendly and I love everything on the menu. Pancakes covered in maple caramel sauce and the sweet potato rosti with goats cheese are definitely my favourites. The food is served on quirky plates and loved by locals as well. Perfect when you are in the Notting Hill area. Don’t forget to snap those pastel houses whilst you’re there.

2. Daisy Green
Daisy Green is part of a chain of cafés all around London. Maybe Timmy Green or Beanie Green ring a bell? You find Daisy Green right behind Marble Arch station on Oxford Street. The café is perfect for a to-go coffee or a lovely brunch. Downstairs you find a pretty indoor garden with flowers on the ceiling and golden marble tables. I always go for the coconut bread French toast, but help yourself to all the yummy things that the menu has to offer. Also perfect for when you have a gluten allergy!

3. The Breakfast Club
A bit of a no-brainer, but since a few of you might not live in the UK you have to try this place out. The Breakfast Club serves an all-day breakfast menu including berry pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos, eggs benedict and more. Every café is always packed on the weekend, so either wake up early or stand in the queue for a bit. TBC is and will always be a favourite of mine!

4. Sunday
A recent discovery and Sunday totally deserves place number 4! This petite café is located in Barnsbury and always full on the weekend. All your brunch favourites are on the menu, I tried the brioche French toast myself and it was absolutely delicious. Definitely go here on a weekday to avoid queuing up!

5. Hally's
In the area Parsons Green you will find Hally's, a Californian-inspired café. The interior is very pretty and the food is on point. I had matcha French toast -the sweet tooth that I am- and it was so good! The lady who helped me was so friendly and chatted to me since I was all by myself. Also have a look around the neighbourhood Parsons Green. It made me forget about the fact that I was still in crazy busy London.

6. Muriel’s Kitchen
Muriel's Kitchen has two locations in London and I visited the restaurant in Soho. It has a very family feel to it and the food is really nice. They also have these swing chairs that are absolutely amazing. We were so lucky to get that table and I felt like a kid the entire time. I went for the berry pancakes -like I would choose anything else-, but the grilled haloumi with roasted tomatoes are also pretty good.

Other brunch cafés that I love: Farm Girl, Miami Café, Palm Vaults and The Daysroom Café. Also check out my post about the 10 most Instagrammable houses in London!

What is your favourite brunch spot in London? I would love to know!

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