Monday, January 2, 2017

Dear 2017,

I want to start off this post by wishing you all a happy New Year. I hope you all had a great evening spending it with your loved ones, watching the fireworks and drinking a glass of champagne, or in my case: fresh ginger tea. I got sick on the 29th and still wasn't feeling my normal self on New Year’s Eve so I stayed home with my mum and stepdad and watched some telly and the fireworks of course. Not that I normally wouldn't do that, I'm just not a big fan of partying on New Year’s Eve. I'd rather stay in bed and watch Harry Potter for the millionth time. Bit boring maybe, but I like it and that's all that matters. Now grab yourself a cuppa tea and a leftover mince pie -I know I will- and get back to last year. Weird to say that, isn't it?

The year 2016 had its ups and downs and honestly I'm happy that it's over. Nothing is better than filling all those 365 days with new memories and exciting adventures. Still there are a few things I enjoyed in 2016. I like them so much that I will definitely keep continuing to pursue them this year as well.

I have never made so many trips as I did in the last year. My dad is probably getting a bit bored of driving me to the airport so much - he says he doesn't mind- but every single time I set foot in that place I get this exciting feeling. There is something about taking place in a metal bird that flies you to a completely different destination. Last year, I was very lucky to visit Bodrum in Turkey and Rhodes in Greece. I hadn't been on a summer holiday in such a long time and feeling the sunshine on my skin felt so good. They were both places I had never been to before and I loved soaking up all the culture and spending both trips with some of my loveliest friends.
I also had the pleasure to visit London twice, once with my sister and once on my own. You are probably getting sick and tired of me talking about that town but I love it there. I especially treasure my last visit when I went on my own. I did so many things and learned lots about myself. For this year I already have two London trips planned -the next one is in three weeks-, and I have lots of other destinations in my head as well. I really want to make a NYC & LA trip, visit Copenhagen and Sweden and go back to Greece, because it's amazing there and the sun always makes me happy.

In the last year I also made a lot of new friends. It's crazy how one year you don't know each other and the next year you do. I also started my job at Topshop where I met lots of lovely people from all over the world and I honestly never thought I would still meet so many people in a year. When I went to London on my own I also met up with a friend that I met on the internet. Bit scary -because what if it's a catfish? No worries she was real- but it was so nice to actually talk face to face instead of a Twitter message. For this year I want to meet more people and make even better memories with the gals.

I also started to get a bit more recognition with my blog. Especially in the last month of 2016 I got a lot more views and I'm very happy with that. I loved being invited to a Benefit event at the beginning of the year -watch that vlog here- because I never thought that would ever happen, since it’s a brand I’ve known and loved for years. I definitely want to create more content for you all – in written and visual form- and last month’s #blogmas helped with that too. Although I might've skipped a few days -I did catch up- I was always over the moon whenever I posted a new blogpost no matter what subject it was. The Tanya Burr Salted Nutella Cookies blogpost is my most viewed article of the year and I'm happy people liked it and wanted to know how to make them.

What I've also learned last year is that if you want to do something you should do it, even if that means you have to do it on your own. It's easier to be with someone because that way you might not seem like a loner, but when I see someone going to the movies alone I will never ever think that. And also, people are way too busy caring about what other people think, that they won't notice you anyways. It's nice to experience things together because that way you can laugh and cherish those moments, but sometimes people don't have the same love for things, or time or money and that's okay. 
I did many things on my own this year. Mainly because I really wanted to do it. Was it scary to eat in a restaurant, travel, enjoy a gig of The 1975 and sitting in the cinema crying my eyes out whilst watching Me Before You all on my own? Yes, but they were also a lot of fun, because otherwise I would've never done those things. 

So on to making many more new adventures -with people and on my own- in 2017. I hope you make the most of it because I know I will!

Lots of love,

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