Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Black Faux Fur Coat

Now that temperature is in the minus region I'm always seen with a thick jumper and a fluffy coat. I already talked about my leopard coat from Topshop, I love that coat to bits, but sometimes I do like to change it up a bit.

I picked up this coat last year at a flea market in Amsterdam. I was actually able to buy three coats for 70 euros which I thought was an amazing deal. I definitely wear this one the most. It's black which helps a lot when I need a coat to match my outfit and I love the big pockets on the side. Perfect for my phone and public transport card when I am on the go. It's also incredibly soft and looks so good considering the fact it was a second hand coat.
I matched my coat with my Topshop Fringe Hem Jamie Jeans and snake skin booties from Primark. I'm also wearing the black and white jumper that I showed in my haul, but the scarf is covering up that bit quite well. That jumper is one of my recent faves and it was on sale too, such a bargain!

And if you are looking for a perfect spot for an outfit photo in Amsterdam this is the one. I took this photo near the ‘Negen Straatjes’ -great food places there as well- and it's so lovely with the canals and these stairs that lead up to someone’s house. Wish I will live in a property like that some day!

What is your favourite coat?

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