Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rimmel London Sculpting Palette by Kate

Contouring has been hip, hot and happening for a while now and I have to say I have quite a soft spot for that shaping technique. I own many contour kits and when a new one comes along it usually doesn’t take long before I own it. I have this Rimmel London Sculpting Palette by Kate for a while now and just gotten around to share my review.

The packaging is basic but nice looking and handy as well. I always love it when they put multiple products in one item, because this way you get three for the price of one. Whenever I travel I always make sure a kit like this is in my make-up bag. It saves space and is way easier.

Now a similar style to this is the Sleek Face Form Kit. A kit with a contour powder, blush and highlighter. I have used that one to death and it's safe to say that I need to buy a new one -it’s that good!-. However this palette from Rimmel doesn't come close to the quality of Sleek. 
The brown shaping shade is very warm, has glitter in it and is more meant to give you that bronzy Victoria Secret glow than to actually give you shape. Although I do like the angel look I think there are way better products to make that look even better. The pigmentation is also a bit off and overall I'm not a fan. 
Then onto the blush. The product I probably like the most. Again this product is also not that pigmented, but it leaves a nice peachy sheen on the cheeks. Perfect for those light make-up days.
Last but not least: the highlighter. Now I love highlighter, the Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca is my absolute fave and I know what I expect a highlighter to be. Again this product just doesn’t meet my expectations. When I apply it I don't see a glow on my face, not in the way my Becca or MAC highlighters do the job. And yes, those ones are far more expensive, but the Sleek kit does work for me and that is from the drugstore so it must be possible. The highlighter from the Rimmel kit gives you a light shimmery sheen that won't make your dreams come true. As far as you have dreams about highlighting your face of course.

I like the idea of Rimmel to create a sculpting palette but the outcome is just not that good. You are far better off with the Sleek Face Form Kit. You pay a few extra dimes but it's totally worth it!

Have you tried this palette before?

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