Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Brighton Trip 2017

Last Friday a friend and I were on our way to London for a weekend filled with Instagramable lunches, shopping and finding the cutest walls and houses in Notting Hill and Shoreditch. But before that all took place we went to Brighton. I visited Brighton on my last trip to London and I fell in love with the seaside, The Lanes and all the cute bakeries you can find around town. 

Now when I was in Brighton there was one thing I really wanted to see: the colourful beach huts. Last time, I had no idea where they were and I thought I saw a glimpse of something colourful in the distant when I was standing on the pier. Turns out those were actually the beach huts!
After arriving in Brighton we first had a bagel at Bagelman -which was delicious btw- and after a long walk with our suitcases -yup we still had those with us- we arrived at the cutest little beach huts and acted like total tourists. After taking about a billion photos we walked all the way back for a stroll through The Lanes. We went to 42 Juice, the tiniest juice place in The Lanes. I ended up buying a ginger and carrot juice and also a healthy cleansing water with cayenne, maple syrup and lemon. To make up for all the healthiness we went to the Angel Food Bakery. I ordered the biggest slice of Victoria sponge and sipped on my green tea whilst eating all that yumminess. 
To end our trip we went to The Creperie. I really wanted to eat there and it was worth the visit. Besides the fact that I was already full from that humongous slice of cake I did manage to eat a Nutty Ella crepe -don't ask me how- and take a few sips of my hot chocolate. It was all so nice, but I was too full at the end to finish it all.

I will definitely go to Brighton again and cross more hotspots and must visits off my list. There is just so much to do and so little time! Also I vlogged everything so that will be up soon as well!

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