Monday, December 12, 2016

The Red Jumper

For a while I went for a black or white jumper. It's easy to style, looks great and is always in fashion. For this time of year I decided to take a step out of my usual style and rock a bright red jumper. I saw someone wearing it and thought by myself: I need that in my wardrobe!

This red jumper is from Topshop and has a high neck. Most jumpers that I own have a high neck because I love the way it looks and it keeps my neck warm. Not that I wouldn't pair this with a scarf, but a bit of extra warmth never hurts when the temperature drops. 
The bright colour also looks so festive on. The only thing missing is a cute Christmas pattern and I'm good to go for this holiday season. 
It's not your usual knitwear, in the way that the fabric is different, but I really like it. I find that the wool jumpers that I have, look fluffy very quickly and not in a good way. This one still looks brand new, and I've worn it A LOT.

I will definitely add more red items to my wardrobe as they immediately make such a statement. Christmas can't come soon enough!

Do you already own a red sweater?

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