Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The love for Invisibobble

One of my ultimate essentials in life are hair ties. Whenever I get frustrated with my hair being everywhere I take the trusty hair tie of my wrist and say bye bye to that annoying hair. I mean having long hair is amazing and all, but sometimes I think it's the most unhandy thing in the world.

I used to always get mine from Primark. You pay €1.50 for a lot of hair ties, which literally gets me through an entire year. They break or I lose them and for €1.50 I don't care what happens with them in the end. I know that those kind of basic hair ties aren't the best for your hair, but I had no idea what else to do. And then I discovered Invisibobble.

I got my first Invisibobble hair tie when I was working as an intern at a magazine. We had lots of them and we all got one to try them out. I really liked having my hair up that way. I had no kinks in my hair, which I would usually get with my normal hair tie and it didn't break. Although I love this new hair tie a lot it didn't prevent me from losing it #girlproblems. They can be a bit expensive though as you get three hair ties in each box, but they last so much longer than the Primark hair ties and are way better for your hair that I happily pay a bit more.

Luckily, I was kindly invited to an Invisibobble event. I still worked as an intern and since beauty events are my favourite thing to go to I was like why not? I couldn't wait to hear about these magical hair ties and learn more about the other collections they were bringing out, because they have more than just the classic Invisibobble.

Your basic, go-to hair tie. It has a strong grip, avoids headaches and kinks in your hair and looks stylish around your wrist. (€4.95)

The updo tool. Perfect for buns, crazy braids and more! I personally like using it to create a hipster bun. It stays in place perfectly no matter what I do. (€3.95)

The hair tie that's perfect for when you work out. It has an extra strong grip and all the other benefits of the Original Invisibobble. (€5.95)

I like all three kinds for their own purpose. The one I use the most is probably the Original. I have it in all sorts of colours, but my go-to is the brown, black or clear version. Mainly because these colours blend in with my hair, but when I'm in a fun and quirky mood I get out my pinks and blues. Nothing a bit of colour can't solve, am I right?

Have you tried an Invisibobble before? Do you like them?

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