Saturday, December 3, 2016

Seeing Jake Bugg and Blossoms

Last Friday, a friend and I went to see Jake Bugg in Amsterdam. I wasn't the biggest fan of him. Mainly because I never heard of him before. I recently get notifications on Facebook of this club when there is a new artist performing at their venue. I did this because I always miss the memo that people are performing. I hear about it way too late, the concert is sold out and I get so mad at myself for not being informed - aka Troye Sivan's concert -.
Now I got this Facebook notification about Jake Bugg's concert. His name sounded interesting so I googled him and actually liked his sound. I then put myself on ‘interested’, so that I was able to look him up when I got home. -otherwise I really forget these things-  Then one of my friends messaged me and said that she saw that I was interested and asked if I wanted to go. As the concert enthusiast that I am, I immediately said yes and the rest is history,

The British band Blossoms was his opening act and I instantly liked their indie vibe. Guys with long hair and British accents who make great music? What's not to like? When I got home I bought their album on iTunes and I'm actually going to their gig in February with the same friend. I love discovering new bands this way!
The concert was at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, the same venue when I went to see DNCE (and Joe freaking Jonas liked my Instagram photo?!). I like the whole atmosphere and intimate vibe there. We got good spots as well so we could see everything. I'm very tall, so I can always get a good peak at what’s going on. One of the perks of having long legs I guess..
Then it was Jake's turn to perform. He performed really well live and oh man that guy can do so many things with a guitar. I didn't know many of his songs, so I went in there not knowing anything about his music. I always get kind of annoyed at myself when I don't know the lyrics to songs when I go to a concert, but sometimes a girl is just not in the mood or doesn't have time ya know. I think that's the best part about going to gigs: singing along and swaying along with your favourite songs. 

I will be able to do that next time though when I go and see Blossoms, but The 1975 concert will come up first at the end of January. So many exciting things ahead! :)

Do you listen to Jake Bugg or Blossoms? What are your favourite songs?


  1. wow you went to see two of my favourite artists, blossoms and jake bugg, so jealous right now! and I'm also going to be seeing the 1975 in December, so excited :D

    Lotte |

    1. Haha hopefully you can see them soon as well! Aah so exciting! Have fun and let me know how it was :) X


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