Friday, December 9, 2016

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: MOOK Pancakes

In the Netherlands we like to eat a lot of pancakes. We have the crepe style ones that make the perfect dinner, yup we eat those for dinner, or the small pancakes that we like to call ''poffertjes''. Now because we like them so much you will see pancake restaurants everywhere and today I went to the hippest pancake spot in town: MOOK Pancakes.

It's located near The Foodhallen which is a huge food market where you can find everything your hungry stomach desires. So I definitely recommend having a look there as well, after you’ve eaten the pancakes of course.
At MOOK Pancakes you have a wide selection of organic pancakes; even vegans will have the most delicious options here. I went for The Blue Magic which is a stack of pancakes with fresh berries and banana, maple syrup and grated coconut. It's one of the simpler pancakes they offer and I really liked it. They were so fluffy and soaked in maple syrup: my favourite!  
You can also go for The Vegalicious: oatmeal pancakes with avocado, hummus and fresh vegetables, The Pink Lady: smoked salmon, crème fraîche and dill or The Heavy Mama: banana, grated coconut, dates, honey and walnuts. Just a few of the more savoury and sweet pancakes they have. 
Besides the super yummy pancakes they serve a lot of healthy juices and soothing teas. I went for a watermelon juice and it was YUM. It also came in this super cute bottle which makes it even more fun to take a sip of that healthy pink drink.

After eating that stack I was so full. We also went to Corner Bakery that morning so we had a food feast, but ya know: sometimes you got to treat yourself with some good food, as long as it's not every day you shove it all in your mouth –aka me with Christmas- it should be fine! 

What is your favourite pancake topping?

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