Friday, December 2, 2016

The Flower Power Skirt

In the past couple of months I've really changed up my style and sort of got back to the high school me with all my colours and quirky items and given them a more grown up vibe. I still love my minimalistic black, white and grey, but a bit of colour won't hurt anyone.

When I saw this skirt in Topshop I was sold. I actually work there, so whenever a new item comes in I'm drooling and the fact that I walk past it a 100 times a day doesn’t help either: I just had to get it. I'm really happy I did though. The skirt fits perfectly around my curves and is not too big around the waist. The flowers make it more fun and give the basic black skirt a bit more sass.

I think it will last me long as well, since the flowers scream spring to me, but even that doesn't hold me back from wearing it with my cosy red Topshop sweater and over the knee boots from Public Desire, who btw are absolute babes as well. I mean look at them! They keep me warm and look so sexy. They definitely make me feel like Beyoncé when I put them on.

An embroidered piece like this is an absolute must in everyone's wardrobe this season. Jeans, boots, bags, skirts, you name it: everything has to have a touch of flowers. Can't wait to get the matching denim jacket as well. Or maybe that will be too much flower power for one look?

Do you already have an embroidered piece in your wardrobe?


  1. That skirt it's really cool !
    Giveway in the blog, check it <3


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