Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

Estée Lauder always brings out amazing products around the summer time. Last year I was obsessed with the Estée Lauder Kendall Jenner lipstick - I still am tbh- and this year I had to get the oh so popular Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess scent. 

I was on the urge of buying it last year but summer was almost over and since I already have a million other perfumes, I decided not to purchase it. This time around, I knew that it had to be my summer scent so when my mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday I already had an answer: The Bronze Goddess perfume!

We immediately ordered it as soon as I got the email that it was in stock again, but after that I doubted a bit. What if the scent wasn't as good as I remembered? I hadn't smelled this perfume since last August so maybe I hated it now. You never know.
Luckily I had nothing to worry about because it is so lovely. I sprayed it on as soon as my order arrived and I immediately felt the urge to go on a holiday and lay on the beach with a coconut in my hand. It really has that summery vibe that my other perfumes don't have and since I am super bad at describing perfumes I have the official notes right here:

Sensuous Notes
Amber. Coconut Milk. Sandalwood. Vanilla. Vetiver. Myrrh

Warm Notes
Juicy Mandarin. Sicilian Bergamot. Lemon. Pulpy Orange

Radiant Notes
Tiare Flower. Jasmine. Magnolia Petals. Orange Flower Buds. Lavender

-Or in my words: summer with a hint of coconut-

You get 100ml for €65,00 which I think is a really good price for a perfume like this. Even though it's an Eau Fraîche skinscent I find that it stays on well and I can smell myself pretty much the whole day -as in smelling in a good way of course haha-. If you haven't smelled this scent yet I highly recommend you go and a take a look at an Estée Lauder counter. I am going on a holiday in about four weeks time and I can't wait to pop this in my suitcase and leave a lovely scent wherever I go.

Have you tried this scent already?


  1. I seem to debate buying this every year - definitely need to make it mine this summer, it's a classic :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It really is a classic! And it smells soooo good! :) X

  2. I'm definitely getting it this year, I smelled it on someone recently and it was so addictive! I didn't realise this year's was out yet!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    1. I know right? It smells so lovely! I got an e-mail from Estée Lauder that it was in stock again. I was too late last year so I waiting for that e-mail haha! X


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