Saturday, February 4, 2017

The London Trip 2017

On to the next part of my trip to the UK! A week ago I showed you my day in Brighton, but that wasn't all, because after an eventful day at the shore we took the train back to London and spent the entire weekend there.
First, we dropped our suitcases at the hotel and then we immediately went to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. After going to Primark, New Look, Boots and Whole Foods it was already late so we picked up some burgers and fries from Five Guys and went back to the hotel. The hamburger was really good; I only was not the biggest fan of the fries. I still ate it all though haha!
The next day we were ready for some pancakes from The Breakfast Club. When we spotted a queue we decided to go to Farm Girl instead. Another place on our London food list. We also had to wait there, but since we travelled all the way to Nothing Hill and really wanted to cross it off our list we thought it was worth the wait. After about 30 minutes there was a free table and we went inside for some gluten free berry pancakes. I liked it but I do think there is a big hype about this place. 
When the pancakes were all in our tummies we strolled around Notting Hill and came across a street with the prettiest houses. It was actually on the list too so it was funny to accidentally stumble across it. We walked some more and then took the tube to Oxford Street to go and have a look at Aubaine in Selfridges. It's a French restaurant and has the most gorgeous purple flowers all over the ceiling. Unfortunately for us it was busy so we weren't seated near the pretty flowers. The raspberry tarte I had was very good so I have to come back for that someday, and for an Insta worthy pic with the purple flowers, of course.
Again we walked a lot, did a bit more shopping in Covent Garden and were heading to this pizza place called Homeslice. But yet again there was a large queue and we were not up for the wait. After a carrot/ginger juice at Joe & the Juice we headed to Zizzi's and ate some lovely pizza. Mine was with pumpkin, goat cheese and pesto. I never had pizza with pumpkin before but I thought the combination was so good! After the pizza we shopped some more. I was a bit tired though so as my friend shopped I dropped myself on the seats in the shoe department and waited for her to return.
We then had the idea to see a film, but when we found out that you pay the most ridiculous amount of money here to go to the cinema we dropped out and went back to the hotel.

Sunday was the last day of our trip. This time we had to go to The Breakfast Club and waited for around 30 minutes before we were given a seat. I have had their berry pancakes before and I wasn't wrong for ordering them again. They are SO TASTY! After breakfast we strolled a bit through Shoreditch on the hunt for some graffiti walls we spotted on Instagram. Luckily we found one and we actually weren't the only once with the idea to take some photos there. That street was full of creative people shooting photos and videos. Makes it a bit less awkward too. We then went into a few vintage stores and headed our way to the Big Ben. I just really wanted a touristy picture okay?
And full of tourists it was. I like this because then I look less like a crazy person who takes a lot of photos. We then walked across the Thames but halfway we decided to go back to the hotel, eat some food and head to the airport. We both had a salad at Wahaca. A bit of health after all those pastries and pancakes is never a bad idea. They did serve it in a fried tortilla bowl though so it wasn’t that healthy in the end haha. 
Sadly it was time to head back to the hotel and pick up our suitcases. I squished everything in there -which required a lot of effort- and went on the tube and train to Gatwick Airport. Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't lose my boarding pass at WH Smith. I did find it though and I was so happy it wasn't my passport because that would have been an even bigger disaster. 
I'm so sad to be home now, but also very excited about my next trips. I leave for Copenhagen and Sweden in about a month time so before you know it I will be back in the sky again!

What are your favourite places in London?

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