Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My London Wishlist

If you have not heard it already: I am going on a city trip to London this Saturday. I have been excited about it for months and now that the trip is coming closer and closer, I cannot handle my excitement.
London is my favourite city in the entire world. I have been there three times before and every single time I fall in love with the city all over again. Because of all the British Youtubers, who stroll around London a lot, I found many new food places and pretty boutiques that I NEED to visit.
Me and my sister, who is my travel buddy for this trip, are going to the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour which is super exciting and I am taking my sister for a lovely high tea at Bea of Bloomsbury’s for her birthday. We have nothing planned for the other days, but I already know that we will have some jam-packed days ahead of us.
As for my wishlist, I have a couple of things on there. Last year I spent way too much money in London and this time around I want to keep it to a minimum. I am saying this now, but wait until I go crazy in Primark and Boots haha!
See here, all the lovely things that I just NEED to buy!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This concealer is my everything! I love the colour, the coverage and the price. It is just so good for a drugstore concealer. Luckily my mom brought two concealers with here last summer. Unfortunately I lost one when I took a blog picture of it. I cannot find it anywhere *sad face*.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation
Being honest this was a love/hate relationship for me. I hated it at first. I bought the dry/normal formula when I obviously have combination/oily skin and it made my face look cakey. Until I went through my make-up stash and rediscovered the best foundation EVER! It is the perfect colour, it keeps oil at bay (surprisingly, since it is for dry skin) and it leaves the most amazing finish.

Topshop Jamie Jeans
They are my favourite jeans, so of course I need to buy a pair. I had one, but suddenly there was a huge hole, so I had to throw them out. I do have the black, ripped Jamie jeans, but with this cold weather I would like a pair that is completely ordinary.

Primark Turtleneck Sweater
So why did I used to hate these kind of sweaters and why do I want one so badly? They pop up in a lot of videos and they look so warm, comfy and cozy. I saw a turtleneck sweater in the ‘December Primark Haul’ from Becca Rose and it looked amazing! I cannot wait to go a bit mental in the Oxford Street Primark.

Pret A Manger Sandwich + LOLA’s Banoffee Cake
As a girl that loves food this is also on my wishlist. Last year I got introduced to the Avocado Chicken Sandwich from Pret and OMG it is so yummy. Definitely my favourite sandwich ever! And then I have not even begun about the cakes from LOLA’s. Everything in there is amazing, but the Banoffee Cake is delicious!

Of course I will show you everything that I got on the trip. In a post or in a video; I have no idea yet. I am also thinking about vlogging a bit of the trip, so you might get to see that too!
I will have no Wi-Fi the entire trip and for an internet person like me this will be hard, but also quit refreshing. I might pop into Starbucks once in a while to Instagram all my adventures, so you better follow me on there to see what I am getting up too. There are some posts scheduled though, so you can read those and I will be back in no time!

***Also if you have some London related suggestions like food places, Christmas markets or fashion hotspots that I need to visit, please let me know!***


  1. Hope you have an amazing time! A friend of mine has just done the Harry Pottr tour and it looks so good!

    Lucy x

  2. Enjoy your trip, dear! And please visit Covent Garden for me ♥

  3. Harry Potter studio is echt echt echt gaaf. Ik heb op mijn blog veel eettentjes staan!


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