Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beauty | Catrice Luxury Lacquer in Maliblue

Nail polish is one of my best beauty pals. It can make any outfit look better with its fun and bright colours. There was just one type that missed in the bunch that I own: a textured one. That was when I walked passed the Catrice counter; my eye fell on this beauty. I also bought a brown one, but I still haven't worn it.
Maliblue, which is the name of this tropical cocktail, has been pulled out of my nail polish drawer for the millionth time, so I would like to share this gorgeous shade with you.

Catrice Luxury Lacquer in C02 Maliblue. €3,59

It is a bright blue shade with a liquid sand effect. I combine this colour with the It's All I Can Blue nail polish, also by Catrice. I love these two together. I wear Maliblue as a special touch on the nail of my ring finger. It looks amazing! They both cover really well. I put two coats of the It's All I Can Blue and one coat of Maliblue on my nails and I am good to go! My nails last five days without chipping, which is rare for me. So thumps up for this nail polish!

This has definitely opened my eyes for more textured nail polishes. I will definitely try the brown one, that is still waiting in my drawer. But not for long!

What are your thoughts on liquid sand effect nail polishes?

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