Monday, June 12, 2017


There is nothing a little black dress can't fix. Especially with the recent temperatures I find myself in difficult situations because what do you wear that is breathable and still looks cute? My answer: a dress!
Floral prints are the usual thing, but since I have a love for the colour black, most of my dresses are, indeed, black. Today I want to show you two different styles of two dresses that I have worn a ton the last couple of weeks.

The first is a simple boyfriend tee with a deep cut-out v. I found it in Topshop for, believe it or not, 20 euros. How amazing is that? They also have one without the v which is a bit cheaper, but I loved this little detail and the fact that I don't have to cut it myself. Clumsy me will probably mess that up haha. I am quite tall too and this dress is not the longest but it works, even for me. I just have to make sure that I bend down gracefully without flashing anyone. 

Speaking of flashing, this dress from Jutka & Riska has a shortness problem. I mean it works, but the dress underneath comes up to my butt. The upper layer covers everything perfectly though and I love the off shoulder, embroidery detail too much to not buy it. I just have to make sure that whenever the wind comes I grab the dress tight to avoid awkward situations, especially on the London Underground. -yup that has happened-
When I laid eyes on this dress I knew that I had to try it on. I loved everything about it. The fact that it's from a more independent brand, so it's almost one of a kind, the gorgeous embroidery detail at the front and back and the on trend off shoulder look made me like it a lot. Ooh and it was half price too, so I ended up paying 40 euros. Lucky me!

As you can see these dresses are almost the opposite of each other but are very special and unique in their own way. Perfect for those days where you have no idea what to wear.

What is your favourite dress for the summer?

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