Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My top 5 brunch spots in Amsterdam

If I could put brunching as one of my hobbies I totally would. It would be right next to sleeping and binge-watching Netflix, because aren't those things the best? Anyways, it's safe to say I know a thing or two about brunch in Amsterdam. I write about new food hotspots on my blog all the time and this time I wanted to put my faves in a single post. If you are going to Amsterdam on a trip or are just for one day. These are the places to eat at!

1. Metropolitain
A classic when it comes to brunching and lunching. It's part of Café de Paris and near Dam square, so really close by. I love the chill atmosphere and it's always busy with locals. I did manage to find a spot when I was there so I think you will too. You can also hop over to Café de Paris upstairs since they have the same menu as Metropolitain during the day. They have some amazing egg dishes (with lots of avocado and bacon), salted caramel crêpes and some lovely French toast. I would definitely recommend the Eggs Metropolitain and the Famous French Toast. So good!

2. Teds
One of my recent discoveries, but definitely deserves second place. Again, also a popular place by Amsterdam people and there might be a bit of a queue depending on the time and day you want to visit. Teds is near the Bilderijkstraat (one of the best hotspot streets in Amsterdam) so if there is a queue you will find another spot in no time (maybe the café on number 4?). Unless you don't mind the wait. The interior is to die for and has the infamous 'bonjour mon amour' sign. On the menu you will find French toast, Nutella pancakes, chicken avocado sandwiches and eggs Benedict (or Florentine or Norwegian). As you may know, I’m a sweet tooth, so I definitely recommend the French toast with banana and bacon. Ooh and the fries are not so bad either. LOVE THEM!

3. Corner Bakery
This place is blowing up Instagram right now. Every hip blogger and vlogger is spotted here and there is a reason for that. The tables at Corner Bakery are fully Insta proof with cute tablemats of marble, pink and dots. The food looks amazing too. Think colourful freak shakes, lots of decorative fruit on the side of your pancakes and cute baskets full of the most amazing sandwiches. It can be really busy here, especially since it’s on everyone's brunch list, so my advice is to go early and not right around lunch time. Just do it for the cute Instagram photos!

4. Gallery 3
Also one of my recent discoveries. Just around the corner from Ted's and not as busy and well known. Gallery 3 is a little café that I love a lot. It's perfect for a laptop club session or staring outside the window and watch all the cyclists go by. The owner is really friendly and the food is aaamazing. They serve all the brunch dishes I love: avocado toast, French toast and three kinds of pancakes. THREE! That's a winner right there.

5 .Pluk
Another Instagram favourite. I went here quite a while ago but I would still recommend it to anyone. Pluk is part of the 'Nine Streets' (nine streets with more independent shops) and the perfect café for a healthy lunch, take-away or cute gifts. When you walk in you see all these cakes on the counter that make you drool. On the opposite side you will find lots of cute gifts and home goodies. The stairs will take you to the first floor where you can take a seat. It's small and a bit cramped but totally worth the wait. You order your food downstairs at the counter so do keep that in mind when you try not to fall down the stairs. I have tried the sandwiches (of course the one with avocado) which was really nice. And the carrot cake is pretty tasty too. Definitely pop into Pluk when you have the time. Even if it is for a quick to-go juice.

Wanna find more hotspots? Click here!

Which brunch hotspot is your favourite?


  1. Your photo's are beautiful, Marjolein! I'm making it my mission to go on loads of city breaks next year, and Amsterdam is most definitely on my list! And I'm totally the same, if brunch could be a hobby, it would me mine too. It's my favourite meal of the day haha! These all look amazing!

    Soph x |

  2. Aah thanks babe! You should definitely go to Amsterdam, the city is so pretty and the food is even more amazing! :) xx


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