Thursday, June 8, 2017

Blondies Kitchen

As a sweet tooth I want to try all the sugary things that come my way. For breakfast I will always order pancakes, French toast or waffles and I choose cake and cookies over crisps any day. When I heard about this cookie bar in Selfridges Food Hall that serves the most amazing cookies I had to try it out. 

After a bit of a search -it's like a maze in there- I found the little stand called Blondies Kitchen with all the cookies. They have so many different kinds but I went for the most popular ones: Get Stuffed (with Oreos) and Kinder Love You (with Kinder chocolate). You can also turn them into a cookie sandwich with their honeycomb and chocolate mouse or enjoy them with a sip of their cereal milk; the bottles of those are so cute! 
Since I also picked up some cupcakes I tried to keep the calories to a minimum and only got the two cookies. Everything looked really delicious though so hopefully I will be able to grab a cookie sandwich soon. The cookies that I tried were very good. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. And the combo with the chocolate and Oreos was so good too. Absolute heaven!

Sadly, they were only in Selfridges for a month, but with all the promo I have seen on Facebook and Instagram I am sure Blondies Kitchen will pop up somewhere else soon. I need something to satisfy my cookie craving!

Have you been to Blondies Kitchen?

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