Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snow in Amsterdam

A week ago the most insane thing happened: it snowed in Amsterdam. Now I have seen snow before, but that was a long long time ago. And I was kind of happy that it stayed as far away as possible from the Netherlands. 
Snow is lovely in December. The white fluff that falls from the sky makes me even more festive and is part of my hot chocolate and binge watching Christmas films routine. When you are inside with your hot drink and snuggly blanket and look outside to see snow falling down and children making a snowman. That's the true Christmas spirit. However I do not like it that much in February. Especially when I have to go outside. On my bike. And hope not to fall down and smash my head on the ice that will give me a huge bump and a seriously bad headache. -Told from my own experiences-

Luckily I didn't smash my head open. Instead I went to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend for a tour of Amsterdam. She had never been so I was the tour guide and showed her around. First we had breakfast at Corner Bakery -surprise surprise I had the pancakes- And then we walked to museum square to take a photo with the IAMsterdam sign and to visit the Rijksmuseum. When we left the museum there was a huge snow storm. We were both not able to see anything because of the snow and we did not fancy a 30 minute walk to central station, so we took the tram. 
When the tram took us to central station we walked over to the boats for a canal ride. -has to happen when you are in Amsterdam- Luckily the snow had stopped so you could actually see something. For lunch we went to De Drie Graefjes. If you ever visit Amsterdam please go here to eat red velvet cake, it's the best! After lunch we had even more food when we walked all the way to the Albert Cuyp market for a fresh stroopwafel. A stroopwafel are two thin crispy waffles with caramel in between. It's the most popular Dutch cookie and especially when you buy them fresh they taste so good.
After a break at Zoku -it's a hotel but there is a big lounge upstairs where you can come in for a drink and some nibbles- we walked through the Red Light District to our dinner location: Happyhappyjoyjoy. Well after that Asian food feast I was very happy and I enjoyed it a lot. So the name is definitely well suited. I will write some more in dept posts about Zoku and Happyhappyjoyjoy, so those will be on the blog soon.

Overall I had a lovely day strolling around Amsterdam -even with all the snow-. It's nice to sometimes be a tourist in your own city. I did one of those boat rides when I was really young so it was fun to do it again now that I'm older. I'm also going to write a few blogposts about Amsterdam. See them more as guides about what to do, where to shop and some Dutchie things that you have to do when you visit this little country!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What was your favourite thing about it?

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  1. Aw how magical does the snow look in the photographs! :) love your outfit! hope your head is feeling better, sounds super painful! I've never been to Amsterdam but its on my list of places I want to visit :) its cool that you can be touristy in your own city :) and I definitely like the sound of this red velvet cake!



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