Monday, February 27, 2017

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: The Breakfast Club

Eating in the morning is not my thing. I know skipping breakfast is a bad thing, but I don't take my time to properly eat it. If I quickly need to go to work I take a banana on the go and that's it. However if I have time I go all out. I think that in the morning you have the nicest options. Pancakes, French toast, waffles, can ya tell I love sweet things?
You can probably imagine my excitement when I went out for breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Amsterdam. No, it's not the same as the oh so popular Breakfast Club in London, but it's pretty good.

TBC, as I will now call it, have a few restaurants in Amsterdam. We went to the one on the Wibautstraat, mainly because it's close to uni. And strangely enough this is the first time I ever went there. I just never knew there was a Breakfast Club that close to uni. Maybe that's for the better though haha. 
It wasn't busy at all when we went in around 11:00 AM. I like that because I was not in the mood to queue up and it's nice to actually hear each other when you have a catch up with a friend. The interior is very stylish and Amsterdam-esque which totally helps with the chill vibe that was there.
I went for a city breakfast. They are served with fresh OJ, coffee or tea and food from your favourite city. I went for the New York breakfast, buttermilk pancakes with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and banana. Thank god for the maple syrup jar on the table because I love my pancakes to bathe in maple syrup. 
The best thing was that you could choose any coffee or tea from the menu. Cappuccino, fresh ginger tea, you name it! I went for the ginger tea because that's all I drink at the moment. It has the right amount of spiciness and with a bit of honey it's the best combination.

Back to the pancakes. They were really tasty. So fluffy and in combination with the syrup and fresh fruit a dreamy breakfast for me. I will definitely come back for a stack of these babies!

What is your favourite breakfast?

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