Monday, December 21, 2015

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas isn’t complete without popping into a Lush store. I love Lush all year round, but I love it even more in December. The special Christmassy editions to their collection are always fab and I always have to take a peak to see what they have. Now I do think Lush is a bit overpriced and way more expensive than it used to be, but when I saw this bubble bar on a cinnamon stick I couldn’t resist.

This is 'The Magic of Christmas' and it's a wand that you swirl in the bad or keep under running water to great the most amazing bubbles. Now what I love the most about this is the scent. It's made with cinnamon and cloves and it really smells amazing. I also like that I can reuse it, because I always feel like I am wasting so much money on something that I just use one time. The glitter is something that I am not the biggest fan of, but after one bath most of them are gone anyway. 

I used it this Sunday and it was really relaxing. I was just lying there in the hot, orange water with my iPhone in my hands, catching up on Vlogmas - there are so many vlogs! - and really taking in all the spicy scents that were surrounding me. I will definitely use this on Christmas Day too!

What are your favourite Lush bath products?


  1. I wish I could buy from that store! Greece doesn't have it!

  2. Lovely photos! ♥

    Want to follow each other? Let me know! (:

    ♡ Giil & giveaway ♡

  3. I had no idea this wand was made with cinnamon and cloves, now I just want it all the more haha! I love all of the themed items from Lush eg. Christmas, Halloween, Easter :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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