Sunday, December 6, 2015

I'm in a Magazine?

I have always loved being creative and now that I have my blog I can publish everything I want. Of course it's cool to see people actually reading your posts and complementing you on that Instagram pic, but it's not quite the same as seeing your name in a magazine. Which has been happening a lot recently.

Almost 5,5 months ago I started my internship for a Dutch magazine as an online editor. I write for their website and keep all their social media accounts up-to-date. Besides that I've also gotten a few opportunities to do things for the magazine and interview people. In these past months I have interviewed Sarah Donaldson from Harper & Harley, Victoria from In The Frow, Khadijah Haqq from Dash Dolls and A LOT of other vloggers, bloggers and models.

A few of those interviews were for a special that is now in stores all around the Netherlands called: the Vlogazine. As the name says: it's all about vloggers. I binge watch YouTube videos all the time, so I really enjoyed writing all the different features and even interview some of the most popular vloggers in the Netherlands. I actually got to go to the cover girls photoshoot, meet the four girls and interview them for the cover story. Writing a cover story for a magazine was something that had always been on my wish list and I feel very grateful that I have done that now.

Now that the magazine is finally here I get so excited whenever I see my name on the pages. I know that no one bothers about the person who wrote the article, but at least I get very excited about it. 
For some features I also got in touch with a few international vloggers and it's nice to see they are as lovely over the e-mail as they are in their vlogs. There is actually something exciting in the next issue with a blogger/vlogger that you probably all know, so keep an eye on my Instagram as I will probably post it on there.

It's crazy seeing your name as one of the writers and I hope this is just the beginning for me. I do still love blogging and being creative on the internet. There is just something about it that makes me very excited and as I type this post I feel quite happy that I decided to do Blogmas this year. I thought it would be very challenging for me to type up 24 blogposts in a month, but I still feel very excited about it (ask me again on the 24th of December haha). I know that I have not been as active as I used to be on here, but now you know what I have been up to. I do feel bad when I see that I only posted three posts in one month and I really think Blogmas is inspiring me to do so much more with my blog. I hope you are enjoying it so far and I will speak to you all tomorrow!

X Marjolein

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