Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lunch in Amsterdam

Last Friday me and a friend went to this lunch place called 'Bar Spek' in Amsterdam. Usually we always go to a lunch café near Dam Square that has THE BEST red velvet cake, but our food hotspot list keeps growing and growing, so we thought it would be a good idea to cross something off the list.

A lot of you have probably never heard of 'Bar Spek', but it’s like your ultimate trendy hotspot. It's very instagrammable and I have seen it on a lot of popular Instagram’s which was one of the main reasons to go there. Because who doesn't like a stylish hotspot?
The location was a bit odd though. I just didn’t expect a hyped-up place like this to be next to a busy road. It's located in a neighbourhood called 'De Baarsjes', which I am not really familiar with. It looked lovely though and I am definitely planning to come back and take some photos. Amsterdam is very photogenic you know.

Now on to the food. I had already looked on the menu the day before - I mean who doesn't do that? - to see what they had and it was so hard to choose. In the end I went for a ‘Green Monster’: a smoothie of avocado, Granny Smith, spirulina, spinach and basil. I always love a good green smoothie and this one didn't disappoint at all. With every sip I felt healthier which was a good thing since I ordered something not so healthy too.
I decided to go for one of their 'Pizetta's'. I had already seen on their Instagram page that this is THE thing to try so I went for the ‘Tartufella Pizetta’: a pizza with onion sauce, Parmesan, mushrooms, truffle mascarpone, prosciutto and rocket. 
Because our order was messed up we actually got the larger pizzas that they usually serve around dinner time and as you can imagine I was not too sad about that. The pizza itself was so tasty! I actually really like truffle, so a pizza all about truffle is like the ultimate dream for me. The combination of truffle with the prosciutto was also really lovely and if you ever eat here I highly recommend this one. Although, the pancakes and sandwiches looked amazing too. I always find it so hard to choose, because I basically want to taste it all!

'Bar Spek' is definitely a great food hotspot and I understand why everyone is obsessed with it. We went around 2pm as well, so it wasn't crazy busy. I do think it's harder to get a table around breakfast, lunch or dinner time though.
If you are in the area I highly recommend this place and now I can't wait to cross more places off my food hotspot list and take you all on the journey with me!


  1. Oh such a nice set up.The food looks so appetizing

    1. It really was! I want to eat there again now! :) X

  2. This place looks so cool! The food looks yummy! Thanks for writing about this


    1. No problem! I loved to share it with you all! X

  3. i want to go to amsterdam so bad, this looks really good!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. You really should! Amsterdam is such a lovely city!

  4. This looks incredible! xx,


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