Monday, February 23, 2015

'Bad Skin Day' Everyday Make-Up Look

Today I wanted to talk about something that has been a big insecurity of mine for the past 7 years. Ever since I got my first blemish my skin got worse and worse, especially in the years when I was 16-20 years old. I have a lot of scarring, redness and break-outs that keep coming back.
Since November 2013 I have been getting facials every single month and this really helped to improve my skin. It still didn’t solve the problem, but it made it a bit better. Last December I was introduced to a wonder product. I call it that, because believe me it is THE BEST! This product is called Gladskin and I will do a full review of it on my blog soon, but this product really helped to fix all my skin problems.
A couple of weeks ago I did get a few break-outs and I filmed this video. I mainly filmed it because I had time to film and I really wanted to film an ‘Everyday Make-Up Look’. While editing it I saw that my skin wasn’t the best. I contemplated a lot if I should upload it or not and it has been on private for about two weeks now.
In the end I decided to put the video on public, because overall I am quite happy with how it turned out, when it comes to the editing part. The only problem is my skin and some of you might think that I should not worry about it. Maybe your skin is way worse or you just don’t care, but for me this was and still is a big obstacle. I decided to overcome this by uploading it and maybe helping some of you along the way.

While I am typing this my skin is actually pretty good and I filmed a new make-up look yesterday which I still have to edit. It will hopefully go up soon! :). That video will also be the last video with sucky video quality, because I got a present from my dad and it’s a Canon 700d! I cannot wait to film loads of videos for you, but for now here is my Everyday Make-Up Look on a ‘Bad Skin Day’!

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