Friday, October 10, 2014

Metallic is the Word

Nails are an accessory. You can go crazy or keep them very natural. They are my own canvas and give an extra touch to any outfit. My nail polish collection is quite small; there is a mix of neutrals, bolds and glitters, but there was a metallic missing in that bunch of polishes.
I was lucky enough to attend a GOSH Cosmetics event in June for my internship and got my hands on the new nail lacquers for Fall/Winter 2014. 

This beauty (630 Moonlight; €7,29) is part of that collection and I have to say it is my new nail crush! I just love the way it looks on my nails. Metallic is not something I thought of as a nail polish colour, but it looks amazing! I am wearing three coats of nail polish on my nails; it is a sheer formula, so for full coverage you need at least three coats. 
Something that really surprised me was how long the formula stayed on my nails. After six days I noticed a chip, which for a nail polish is very good. Normally I see a chip after two-three days and that always annoys me.
Another thing: it is a struggle to remove it. After rubbing a cotton pad, drenched in nail polish remover, on my nails it finally came off. But that is just a minor detail that we will forget very quickly, because overall it is an amazing nail polish when it comes to the colour and the long-lasting formula. I also have another colour from the GOSH A/W 2014 collection that will pop up on the blog very soon!

I do love the metallic nail trend that is going on! What do you think?

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