Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fun Times in the City

The last two days have been full of activities. I love to catch up with my highschool friends, especially since I don't see them as much as I used too. And what better than to catch up in the city that I love? From a very young age I fell in love with everything that is Amsterdam. Going to the theatre, shopping trips with friends or just a stroll down the canals, I was, and still am, up for everything in the city. Nowadays I usually just take the tube and go to school, so it is nice to be out and about and little by little explore the city.

On Thursday me and my friend went to Artis Amsterdam Zoo. As students in Amsterdam we get a major discount, so it was nice to catch up while walking through the zoo on the hunt for penguins. I also went a bit crazy in the aquarium, because I was on the hunt for clownfish, aka Nemo. The fact that I heard several kids say, 'Where is Nemo??' literally shows that my inner child took over me there.

Last night I had a birthday party to attend at House of Bols, which is a cocktail and genever experience in Amsterdam. I love birthday parties, because they are an excuse for me to dress up and experiment with my make-up. I had a blast sipping on my strawberry and vanilla cocktail. I normally don't really drink, but when you go to an experience like that you just have too! We also explored the night life of Amsterdam around Leidse square, which, for a granny like me, was surprisingly fun! 

Tucked up into bed at 3.30 AM is the result that I had a pretty good night and I should definitely do this more often. Only one thing: I will leave my heels at home, because my feet were not very happy with me dancing around all night!

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