Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beauty | New Lip Products from GOSH Cosmetics

As a lip addict, I have a LOT of lipsticks, I was very happy to try out these GOSH lip goodies. A lot of them are coming out in The Netherlands this autumn, so if you're Dutch: keep your eyes out for them!

I have four lipsticks, two lip liners and a lip brush. My ultimate favourite is definitely the bright, pink lipstick. Instant Lipstick Crush right there!

The black, matte packaging gives it a very luxury feeling. I love it when cheap make-up product can give you that high-end feeling. 
The lipsticks itself are very buttery and moisturizing. They are nicely pigmented, but don't expect a full swap of colour. They are not very long lasting. When you eat or drink expect to touch up a lot! But I do really like them. They make my lips feel amazing and the colours are so pretty!

From left to right: 162 Nude, 155 Innocent, 156 Romance and 157 Precious. € 9,49 each

From left to right: 005 Flirty Orange and 002 Antique Rose. €7,79 each

Then on to the lip liners. I am very happy with the orange colour, since I needed one. They are both very pigmented and apply nicely. They are waterproof and I can agree with this! I had to use a cleansing oil to get it off. I actually love this. This way my orange lips will last all day! This will be a killer combo with MAC Morange.

The lip brush (€6,49) is a nice addition to my lipstick club. I think you have more control of applying your lipstick. Especially with darker colours it can be a bit tricky.. But not any more!

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