Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fashion | A Few Bits from Primark, Zara and H&M

Last week I had the urge to shop. Do you have that as well, when you just NEED to shop! I went to Amsterdam and browsed online and this is what I ended up with. I can't promise you that I won't buy anything else, but for now these are my new bits!

A Bright, Pink Flowercrown
Another flowercrown? YES! My flowercrown addiction is getting a bit out of hand but I love them! This one is also from Primark. It was the only nice thing I could find, which is normally not the case in Primark. This one was €4,50, so I had to get it!

A Black, Wool Hat
I contemplated a lot about this hat. I wanted this style of hat for a while and everyone is wearing it at the moment. I popped into H&M and my eye fell on it immediately.  It was the last one and it was €14,99. Bargain!

Black, Polkadot Espadrilles
Espadrille shoes, like these, are my fave! They are so comfortable and go with everything. I bought a Zara pair last year, but they are starting to fall apart. Lucky me, because I found these ones in the Zara sale for €22,99. I love them so much. They are really well fitted and the mesh, polkadot pattern is so cute!

Do you also have a shopping craving?

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